Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun at Facebook Part 1

Recently, I attended a Nokia N97 seminar and the way they market that "lousy" phone is equivalent to "this is the facebook phone. if u like-facebook, get-this phone". Then and there, I think Facebook is really overrated. Nokia is actually parasitizing Facebook's popularity to boost up their phone sales - but then again, this is the marketing technic - follow the trend. (*Sorry, I am an anti-nokia person and ironically, I am actually using nokia now*)

Facebook is really overated but I got to express my gratitude to whoever created Facebook. Since signing up around September 2007, Facebook has change a lot with applications like fluffly pet, superlatives and many others to the current ones they have which is pretty interesting that has been my daily dosage to keep me sane last month.

Take today for example, I spend whole day playing Hell's Kitchen (will talk bout this later) and then i stumble upon my friend's quiz result on my news wall. 

I am not lying and this is not a photo manipulation with photoshop. Seriously they have this quiz: "What type of underwear are you?" I laugh out so loud that my mom thought i just had a hysteria medication or something. 

Since I am toooooo free, and out of curiosity what kind of questions they will ask and what I will get, I decide to try it out and guess what... I AM 6-PACK PANTIES!!!

"You are as unpredictable as your underwear". ROFL! 

I think the result is quite true about me in a way cause I do try to live my life to the fullest in every aspect and I can be serious whenever i need to be and can be really crazy when I want. Do I really have 6 types of panties?  :P

If you think my results is hilarious, see below

SUPERMAN UNDER - roos!!!! coolest underwear ever!!

LMAO! Seriously whoever created this quiz is a genius!!! You make my day!

oki... that's for today. will continue the fun of Facebook Part 2 in another post. I am too sleepy to continue now. Nights. 

(i am actually sleeping early. hohoho)


H e n r i c k said...

Hmm.. luckily it didn't say you don't need an underwear. :P

Arianna said...

hey you :)
nice blog you have here.
Ive followed ur blog, do follow mine as well yeah? thanks!