Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry New Year

Before 2008 come to a close, allow me to share a picture with you .....

MerryChristmas & HappyNewYear

Happy Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back2School (Part 2)










Monday, December 29, 2008





being vain

i miss netball!

below is the emo series





and one last picture for this post.... more to come...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year End Reunion

I know i promise a continuation of pictures from my last post. But because i am still editing most of the pictures, i am sorry that i have to delay them. But at the meantime, below are the pictures i took with my girls last night at Gurney Plaza

the girls

2 designers

me and Sarah, the teacher

Eileen and Sze Mei, the doctor


the teacher and the lawyer

my buddy, my crow singing duet partner

bonnie the organiser

the 2 professional make-up artist (i like this pic)

buddy, buddy, buddy

with joyce, the pharmacist

with Yi Tze, the lawyer

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sneak Peek: Our Abandon House

A sneak peek of my next post ....


more to come.. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Make her a Champion!

got this link from Facebook and decide that people (especially Malaysians) should start voting and help Nicol David to be Champion of Champions!


Nicol David is always a sportswomen that I idolize and admire a lot since I was just 10 years old! She has make the country proud and definitely a reputable Champion on and off court (since she do well is all her national exams - girl with a brain). So, wait no more , click on the image below and it will link you to the website to vote! 

some trivia bout Nicol David that i can remember: -
  • the first squash player in history to win World Junior title twice (1999 and 2000)
  • youngest World Champion 
  • won all age group British Open
  • won all title/competition she participate in this year!!
I just realize that she's the only female athlete left in this champion of champions thingy. So let's make NICOL DAVID a champion! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A long one

I know i should be blogging more frequently since i am on holiday now, but unfortunately, due to laziness and procrastination and a lot of family things to deal with I didn't really have much time for myself to do much stuff...

Anyway, I know you are waiting for my update about me so here goes.... 

Working and working and working......  yes that's what I have been up to lately. As usual, i am working part time selling apples.....

well i am sure you know where i am working at....

And i met a movie producer! a western movie producer currently residing in Thailand and organizing Thailand Film Festival. He wanted to get a mighty mouse and i told him the benefits of working with mighty mouse and i talked to him for quite a while and he ask me about my course of study because I know so much about video stuff that he's talking about. Then he gave me his name card and ask me to check out his stuff. (i have not check out his movie yet.... :P)

I went down to Ipoh - KL last weekend for my cousin brother's wedding. 

that's me, happily receiving ang pows from the newly wed

Apart from that, it should also be a food hunting trip for both my brother and i (both of us are very much alike when it comes to food... both of us just love eating.) I'm supposed to watch my amount of food intake, but instead, I ate more than i should and end up with uneasy stomach for the first 2 days.

my FIRST meal taken during the trip:  dim sum at Ming Chu Restaurant, Ipoh

last meal for my trip : at Ong Kee's (bean sprout chicken rice) Restaurant

On Monday morning, bro and I decide to drop by Pavilion to buy JCO so he can bring it back for my future sis-in-law (how sweet). At JCO, we bought 4 dozen of JCO in total! yea! no kidding... 4 dozens of donuts!

then after buying 4 dozen, we were planning to get another dozen after we finish 1 dozen, but then later change our mind when I saw this shop....


MR BAOZ!!!!!

and i bought 2 dozens of Mr Baoz! MADNESS i know... but the baoz is really cute and I can't help it and bought 2 dozens to bring it back to Penang as souvenir.

They are not cheap (RM3 each), but well.. they didn't taste as bad. So far, I've tried the curry chicken, black pepper chicken and beef. It taste good to me. Maybe I should eat it while it is still hot so they will taste even better. 

I didn't have much time to do any shopping as most of my time is spend on the road, driving here and there, and looking for relative that are lost in KL. I am not an expert in KL road (as i hardly drive) but with the help of a GPS device, I am far from being lost!! I became an 'expert' on road. Seriously.....

Although with little time, i manage to buy a new pair of shoes

yea. it is a Nike. I am not much of a Nike fan.... but it has an old-school and conversey look that's why i bought it

During my trip, i get to meet a few of my nephews and nieces. They start calling me Ah Yee (aunty) and that is when i began to feel super duper old.....

Aren't they cute? 

that's all for now... i am too sleepy to continue this post