Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPhone frenzy

This picture was taken from New York Times. Yea... i am blogging again bout iPhone.

I think this picture is one of the most brilliant pictures in all iPhone reviews (i've not read all, but so far this is the best). hehe Walter Mossberg (the guy who interview Steve JObs and Bill Gates at Digital D last month) in his article said that "iPhone lives up to the hype" and "the most frenzied hype and speculation we have ever seen for a single technology product". SO yea... that is also one of the many reasons you are now reading my second post in 3 days regarding iPhone. refer to link

New York Times report that there were 11,000 print articles on iPhone and it was given the nickname "Jesus phone".

i am sure, you are curious and wanting to ask me, when will iPhone be available in Malaysia. Well... as told during WWDC 07 in January (when Steve Job first introduce iPhone to the world), iPhone will only be available in Asia in 2008. sad huh... by the time it is available in Malaysia, all the hype about it is gone! but then.... Apple product never fades away just like that. It will only be better and a greater gadget and therefore, by the time it is available in Malaysia, it might have been improved to a better powerful mini machine.

why do we need to wait til next year?

well.. it is because, Apple need to decide on the service provider. I don't think at the moment, Maxis or Digi nor Celcom is up to the standard yet to provide us the internet service that iPhone is capable of. AT&T is the only network chosen by Apple as the service provider to all iPhone owners. They have to sign up an agreement of 2 years with AT&T in order to purchase iPhone.

Furthermore, there's not SIM card slot.... so?? Where does DIGI and Maxis stand now? When do you think iPhone will reach Malaysia? Will it ever reach here?

iPhone might reach Asia or Malaysia faster than expected. MIGHT. This is Apple that we are talking about... they always gives you surprises and the unexpected.

So, at the moment, i am not changing my HP nor my service provider just yet. Waiting for iPhone to reach our shore........

At the meantime, Dell has just launch their new Inspiron image. All their Inspirons laptops now come in various colours! Mocha brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Blue. No... i am not too "hype" about Dell's new "stuff".....iPhone is this summer's HOTTEST and MOST talk about gadget!

Eileen is all warm up for iPhone marathon. how bout you?

Monday, June 18, 2007


its the dumpling festival!

its the time of the year when everyone starts to eat chinese rice dumpling. Everyone would be hunting for the best dumpling sold. To me, the best is still those you made your own. Home cooked.

This is the picture of me and the dumpling. For the past 3 years, I've been helping out my aunt and grandma making those chinese dumpling. Look closely, there's salted egg york, mushroom, pork and chesnut hidden below the egg york and of course the glutinous rice.


check the video below. uploaded the video of me making the dumpling. pls ignore my dressing and my hair! ahahahha

Friday, June 15, 2007


Are you still waiting for me? or am i still waiting for u?

I don't even know the answer myself. But if you are still waiting for me, i don't even know what or how is my feelings now. Don't ask me why, because i don't know myself. I still have no confidence in myself to be in a relationship.

I have no confidence in myself because part of me is still longing for the lost love, but part of me wants to let it go. i know i should learn to let go, but .... it is hard. i've been telling people to let go, but i can't do it myself. I know it is impossible for me to get back the love lost... but is there a worthy love out there for me to let go?

i still have not meet the guy that will make me let go... maybe one day...i will learn to let go of the lost love when i meet the right guy. the guy that would move mountains and hills for me, the guy that will make my heart skips a few beats, and the guy that will make my stomach fill with butterflies. So where is my Mr Right?

I might be sounding like i am desperate at the moment, but i am not. it is just the movie i watched today that triggers a part of my memory today and hence i am blogging it here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

unexpected encounter

I've been meeting up with a a lot of people lately. mostly people that i do not expect i would bump into.

For the last 2 days, I've met a few people from the 'squash training' that i joined when i was in high school. One of those few people is my coach, Aaron. It has been a very long time since i last play squash. Seeing them definitely brought back all those memories i had with my friends during our training few years ago. We definitely had fun gossiping and playing the game which i like that time (I still like squash, just that i can't find a place and a partner to play with). The strict training which we went through had made me a better person today (physically) =P . If it weren't for the training, I would have been a big fat pig now. suffering depression, obesity and worst of all, diabetics. Okie okie... i am just exaggerating. I would probably only suffer from obesity.

Then another memory come into my mind. The memory of when i had to play 2 tournaments in one day. One is the squash tournament and another my netball tournament. It was CRAZY! after i complete my squash match (where i know i can't play to my full energy and stamina) i have to change to my netball outfit and rush to the venue of my netball tournament. it was CRAZY. i don't know how i manage to do that, but i did! i survive! and at night, i had to attend tuition class. i don't know what tuition but i practically have tuition every single day. so that's just one of those days during my high school life. it was indeed an achievement. i don't know where i get the power and strength to do all those stuff....

n then it reminds me again bout the scar on my leg. that time i had to run to get to my training session on time if not i'll get punish (extra laps during stamina training session) . and because of that, i was running as fast as my leg could carry me from the bus stop to the training centre. during that time, there was a renovation going on at the centre and i got a super huge cut from the rusty metal thingy (i think its the metal thingy they use for the base of the floors). thank god i did not suffer any disease from the rusty metal.

every time when i don't expect to meet up with anybody, i'll end up meeting someone. every time when i am looking at my worst stage, i'll end up meeting with people who i don't want to meet at that time. God help!

Anyway, it is all part of god's plan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

keynote ended

yup. steve's keynote just ended and that is one of the reason i am blogging at this time. its 2.38am now.. n i am still online.. blogging..

today, Steve introduced only 10 features out of 300 new features he promised that is going to be in Leopard. it has a whole new look and i can't wait to get a close up look on it. so at the moment, i'll just have to wait.

as predicted, there was "one more thing". It has been a trademark of Steve Job's in every keynote and it has been his famous quote. Everyone who know him, will know about his special quote 'one more thing'. He introduced Safari on Windows this time around as his 'one more thing' which i am kinda dissapointed at. I was thinking it was something bigger than that, but i was wrong.

i am actually blogging this post here using the new Safari on my cousin's pc laptop which is an Acer.A very lousy one but it still works super duper fine. Way to go Safari!!! it has the famous private browsing. no history no cache! try safari today!

One last thing (as predicted), he introduce iPhone and state that iPhone will be available in US on 29th June at 6pm. Demo a few stuff about iPhone and the keynotes ended.

it is not a historical day, but it is definitely a day worthy of me to blog about. after all, it is this day that Steve show the new interface of leopard and it is this date that Safari is made availble to windows user! download your Sarafi here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

my first entry was published

... in DCM

got my DCM today. I grabbed 3 copies (for my Indonesian friends) of it from at Queensbay. I checked out the hotshots section first, and i didn't see my picture there. So i was sad.. but not really disappointed because i know my standard is not there yet. there's much more out there for me to improve and afterall, i am still a beginner and i don't have the equipments that most photographers have out there. For example, fill in flash. So i didnt feel really that bad...

then at home... while i was having my late supper, i was almost chocked to death when i turn the pages and i reached a new section of the magazine and i saw my picture there!
THEY PUBLISHED IT! my picture is in DCM! my favourite magazine at the moment!
no i did not win any prize. i just got a few comment and critiques from the professionals. It is good that i get comments because i know i can always improve from there. some of their comments are exactly what i think, but i disagree with one of their comment where they suggest me that i should take the picture from another angle. if i were to take my picture from another angle, the picture would have been very different and i wouldn't be able to achieve what my pictures is meant to do.

Marli, if you are reading this...i would like you to know that thanks alot for your help. That picture wouldn't have been taken without your assist in pouring the water. Since i did not win any prize, i can't treat you d! sad huh?

i am goin to try out their mission for this month which is about water. if you want to see my pictures, grab a copy of Digital Camera Magazine today. it is only RM8.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

still sick

well... if u visit me today n a few more days from now while i am working, you will get your chance of a lifetime to listen to my sexy voice! ahahhahaha FYI, i've been sick for 1 week already. Sore throat, cough and phlegm. I think i talk more when i am sick... is it normal? LOL. i think i crap alot there few days... mayb it is due to my sickness that produce more crappy hormons for me to crap more.

and i am geting crazy too. have been desperately searching and waiting for the new copy of DCM.(Refer to the picture on the left). Went to MPH and Popular at Gurney today but i can't find any copy there. Not even the previous month. Tips on wedding, portraits and landscape! Going to hunt for it again tomorrow at Borders tomorrow! I am really desperate to get my hands on that issue. Sooo desperate that i got another copy of CLICK which I bought it before last month at Midvalley. Crazy right? yea i know. it is me and my obsession on photography! Hopefully it is not "hot, hot, chicken shit" (hangat, hangat tahi ayam). I am really into photography, but i don't want to go out alone to take pictures. It is dangerous u know for me to walk around with my baby.

ah Yeah.. update... the new Macbook Pro is out last night.Feel super sorry for that Jason dude who bought the old specs last night (the same night the new specs was launch in US). He bought it i think 1 or 2 hours after apple update it on their website. We didn't know and he needs a system urgently. So don't think he will feel sad or anything.

The new MBP now comes with 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz core 2 duo processor with 2G memory with NVIDIA graphic card. and best of all, they are the first laptop or LCD display in the world that uses a mercury free display with LED backlight (that means the screen will not kaput easily). more detailed specs coming soon! Wait up!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


what should i blog today? i have alot of things to talk and blog.. but i don't know where i should start...

today, an american man, around his mid 30s (i think so) asked me out for supper or lunch and i (like always)....i rejected. Rejecting has become my habit lately i guess. i keep on rejecting people. First the job that i was offered and now a free supper. He's not that ugly looking (my colleague said that he's good looking) but then... well, man at his age "have expectations"! Mummy said that i shouldn't go out with strangers. ahahhaha c i am such a good gal! i listen and obey her order! i think he's rich lar. he said macbook pro 17" price is affordable! Ahhh... who cares he's rich or not... i am not interested and it is non on my business.

another thing happen today while i was at work today. Saw the pics of the new wacom guy they hired for demo on weekends doing his demo-ing. I didn't know it was my cousin bro until my colleague showed me a close up pic of him. i am 99% sure he's my cousin bro but 1% in me tells me he's not. if he is my cousin, i didn't know he can draw so well and now he's working part time in the same company i am working at. How small can the world gets?

the crumpler bag is still around. no one bought it yet! taking my baby for a "clothes testing" tomorrow. wanna test whether my baby fits into that "6 million dollar" (the crumpler model name) anot.

oki, that's for now. i am going to bed. working 10hrs tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007


why is men discriminating women? Aren't we leaving in a world today, where men and women should be of equal standard? i thought i was living in that world, but i was wrong. Men is still looking down on what women can do and their contribution to the society. They think that we are the weaker sex. We are the fairer sex, but we are NOT the weaker gender. I know there are certain areas where women and men excel respectively, but we should be treated equally.

I just don't understand why people thinks that men should be better in technical area? Every customer call in seek for a male salesperson to talk to when they are facing technical problems. but what makes them think that they can't ask a woman and why a girl can't help them to solve technical issues?

Well, in short, men still don't trust women in technical issues or maybe it is the EGO issue where they think they know more than woman. Well... issit true?