Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPhone frenzy

This picture was taken from New York Times. Yea... i am blogging again bout iPhone.

I think this picture is one of the most brilliant pictures in all iPhone reviews (i've not read all, but so far this is the best). hehe Walter Mossberg (the guy who interview Steve JObs and Bill Gates at Digital D last month) in his article said that "iPhone lives up to the hype" and "the most frenzied hype and speculation we have ever seen for a single technology product". SO yea... that is also one of the many reasons you are now reading my second post in 3 days regarding iPhone. refer to link

New York Times report that there were 11,000 print articles on iPhone and it was given the nickname "Jesus phone".

i am sure, you are curious and wanting to ask me, when will iPhone be available in Malaysia. Well... as told during WWDC 07 in January (when Steve Job first introduce iPhone to the world), iPhone will only be available in Asia in 2008. sad huh... by the time it is available in Malaysia, all the hype about it is gone! but then.... Apple product never fades away just like that. It will only be better and a greater gadget and therefore, by the time it is available in Malaysia, it might have been improved to a better powerful mini machine.

why do we need to wait til next year?

well.. it is because, Apple need to decide on the service provider. I don't think at the moment, Maxis or Digi nor Celcom is up to the standard yet to provide us the internet service that iPhone is capable of. AT&T is the only network chosen by Apple as the service provider to all iPhone owners. They have to sign up an agreement of 2 years with AT&T in order to purchase iPhone.

Furthermore, there's not SIM card slot.... so?? Where does DIGI and Maxis stand now? When do you think iPhone will reach Malaysia? Will it ever reach here?

iPhone might reach Asia or Malaysia faster than expected. MIGHT. This is Apple that we are talking about... they always gives you surprises and the unexpected.

So, at the moment, i am not changing my HP nor my service provider just yet. Waiting for iPhone to reach our shore........

At the meantime, Dell has just launch their new Inspiron image. All their Inspirons laptops now come in various colours! Mocha brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Blue. No... i am not too "hype" about Dell's new "stuff".....iPhone is this summer's HOTTEST and MOST talk about gadget!

Eileen is all warm up for iPhone marathon. how bout you?

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