Friday, June 15, 2007


Are you still waiting for me? or am i still waiting for u?

I don't even know the answer myself. But if you are still waiting for me, i don't even know what or how is my feelings now. Don't ask me why, because i don't know myself. I still have no confidence in myself to be in a relationship.

I have no confidence in myself because part of me is still longing for the lost love, but part of me wants to let it go. i know i should learn to let go, but .... it is hard. i've been telling people to let go, but i can't do it myself. I know it is impossible for me to get back the love lost... but is there a worthy love out there for me to let go?

i still have not meet the guy that will make me let go... maybe one day...i will learn to let go of the lost love when i meet the right guy. the guy that would move mountains and hills for me, the guy that will make my heart skips a few beats, and the guy that will make my stomach fill with butterflies. So where is my Mr Right?

I might be sounding like i am desperate at the moment, but i am not. it is just the movie i watched today that triggers a part of my memory today and hence i am blogging it here.

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