Tuesday, June 12, 2007

keynote ended

yup. steve's keynote just ended and that is one of the reason i am blogging at this time. its 2.38am now.. n i am still online.. blogging..

today, Steve introduced only 10 features out of 300 new features he promised that is going to be in Leopard. it has a whole new look and i can't wait to get a close up look on it. so at the moment, i'll just have to wait.

as predicted, there was "one more thing". It has been a trademark of Steve Job's in every keynote and it has been his famous quote. Everyone who know him, will know about his special quote 'one more thing'. He introduced Safari on Windows this time around as his 'one more thing' which i am kinda dissapointed at. I was thinking it was something bigger than that, but i was wrong.

i am actually blogging this post here using the new Safari on my cousin's pc laptop which is an Acer.A very lousy one but it still works super duper fine. Way to go Safari!!! it has the famous private browsing. no history no cache! try safari today!

One last thing (as predicted), he introduce iPhone and state that iPhone will be available in US on 29th June at 6pm. Demo a few stuff about iPhone and the keynotes ended.

it is not a historical day, but it is definitely a day worthy of me to blog about. after all, it is this day that Steve show the new interface of leopard and it is this date that Safari is made availble to windows user! download your Sarafi here.

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