Thursday, June 14, 2007

unexpected encounter

I've been meeting up with a a lot of people lately. mostly people that i do not expect i would bump into.

For the last 2 days, I've met a few people from the 'squash training' that i joined when i was in high school. One of those few people is my coach, Aaron. It has been a very long time since i last play squash. Seeing them definitely brought back all those memories i had with my friends during our training few years ago. We definitely had fun gossiping and playing the game which i like that time (I still like squash, just that i can't find a place and a partner to play with). The strict training which we went through had made me a better person today (physically) =P . If it weren't for the training, I would have been a big fat pig now. suffering depression, obesity and worst of all, diabetics. Okie okie... i am just exaggerating. I would probably only suffer from obesity.

Then another memory come into my mind. The memory of when i had to play 2 tournaments in one day. One is the squash tournament and another my netball tournament. It was CRAZY! after i complete my squash match (where i know i can't play to my full energy and stamina) i have to change to my netball outfit and rush to the venue of my netball tournament. it was CRAZY. i don't know how i manage to do that, but i did! i survive! and at night, i had to attend tuition class. i don't know what tuition but i practically have tuition every single day. so that's just one of those days during my high school life. it was indeed an achievement. i don't know where i get the power and strength to do all those stuff....

n then it reminds me again bout the scar on my leg. that time i had to run to get to my training session on time if not i'll get punish (extra laps during stamina training session) . and because of that, i was running as fast as my leg could carry me from the bus stop to the training centre. during that time, there was a renovation going on at the centre and i got a super huge cut from the rusty metal thingy (i think its the metal thingy they use for the base of the floors). thank god i did not suffer any disease from the rusty metal.

every time when i don't expect to meet up with anybody, i'll end up meeting someone. every time when i am looking at my worst stage, i'll end up meeting with people who i don't want to meet at that time. God help!

Anyway, it is all part of god's plan.

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