Friday, June 01, 2007


why is men discriminating women? Aren't we leaving in a world today, where men and women should be of equal standard? i thought i was living in that world, but i was wrong. Men is still looking down on what women can do and their contribution to the society. They think that we are the weaker sex. We are the fairer sex, but we are NOT the weaker gender. I know there are certain areas where women and men excel respectively, but we should be treated equally.

I just don't understand why people thinks that men should be better in technical area? Every customer call in seek for a male salesperson to talk to when they are facing technical problems. but what makes them think that they can't ask a woman and why a girl can't help them to solve technical issues?

Well, in short, men still don't trust women in technical issues or maybe it is the EGO issue where they think they know more than woman. Well... issit true?

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