Monday, May 28, 2007

First AppleTV sold!

i sold an apple tv today! my first apple tv sales! hooray!

actually i don't really know how to operate that machine well because it is a new gadget and i didn't really spend much time playing with it yet. i just know that it is able to be connected to the wireless network (internet), sync with a primary Mac, streaming content from other macs and it has a 40GB hard disc with an intel processor in it. i know that it is able too play digital content such as music, photos and videos and podcast.... will tell u more some other time.. maybe in my review section...

i sold 3 v-moda headphones today! 2 of them is v-moda modaphones vibe! Vibe is the best headphone i have tried so far! VERY VERY good quality. u got to try it yourself! It is really good! i thought sennheiser PX200 was good, but this is even BETTER. i luv that headphone alot personally. i would get one pair for myself... IF i have the money. its not cheap you know dude. it is RM439! i wish it will drop from heaven together with my iPod PRODUCT Red!

okie.. going off now to write my email to Mr Santa!

Dear Mr Santa,
Pls send me a Product RED ipod Nano, and a modaphones Vibe. Red in colour too! If u can't get it at SantaLand, pls send me a cheque! Many thanks in advance!


ps: pls make it fast! i need it desperatly!

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