Friday, May 11, 2007

Yesterday and yesterday's yesterday

9th May, my photography final assignment dues today. I already had all my pictures developed and cd burned ready to pass it up to my lecturer. So went i hand it to him, he ask me a simple question about whether i wrote my name and class at the back of the picture. and i made him repeat the question 3 times and my tired brains still didn't get what he's trying to ask me. 3 TIMES he repeated it, n i still don't get it. See the blurness level i can get these days?? To all my MGSians classmates, they will say, "Ah biasa lar. Eileen is always blur. She's the BBB Queen, always beng, blur and blo". But this time, my extra blurness is due to my sleepless nights for the pass 2 nights. i only had 3 hours of maximum sleep out of the 48 hours. and had less than 5 hours of sleep by today (Thursday) in 72 hours. No i am not having or suffering any sleep disorder. It is due to the final assignment that i am working on. I wanted to put my all in it, I wanted it to be better than my previous semester final project... so much hope that, the final results look like a piece of shit to me. even worst than the first. certain parts of the banner was not executed properly and because of that, it has cause the whole banner to look awfully retarded. Not to say that i have no confidence in my work, but due to some problem, i have to bare with the consequences. Lesson learn. "Never judge a book by its cover" and "Once bitten, Twice wise". I'll definitely choose a better team member next time. I don't have any complains about my team members as some of them did what they could. They did their best. Although they are not much of a painter, at least they tried to contribute and paint easier parts. The presentation is tommorrow and i really hope we don't trip and fall on our face. Hopefully, we will be able to leave the uni with our head hung up high...with satisfaction and pride.
I've just decided to re-do my life drawing painting. Therefore, a few more sleepless nights is about to come!!

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