Saturday, May 26, 2007


Met a photographer at work today. He bought a bag from me, and we chatted and i found out that he's a nikon user as well. A nice guy to chat with and most importantly, i found out from him where i can get the film for my manual photography already. Since i am borrowing my uncle's manual slr, my only problem was getting the film. but it is solve now. My customer told me that i can get it at one of the photo shop at Penang Road. I wanted to go there, but thought they wouldn't have. It's that shop that my grandpa used to have his pictures taken. Yea... so u get the picture now.. that shop is .. OLD! very old! since my grandpa died... 15 years ago..

okie.. its time .... i better stop now.. i got to go close the shop now.... i am blogging this from work!

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