Tuesday, May 08, 2007

cerewet betul eileen ini....

i don't know what i am supposed to be blogging today. nothing much happen today.. just that went to school, started to paint my final project banner, got my history of art presentation marks (which is not too bad i think) and showed the lousy printed photograph to my lecturer who said it's ok to hand in but i should reprint it to put it into my portfolio. and the most amazing thing is that, he told me that i can actually reject the picture that i don't like on the spot and ask the printer to print again. WOW... its one thing that i didn't know about.. but i am definitely so gonna do that next time. the print is not cheap u know! RM7.90 for each.. n the colour is so lousy... so now... i am left with no other choice but to reprint it. Although my lecturer (as what i heard is a very colour particular person) don't mind the colour difference between the original and the printed one, i am still gonna print it again because i am a perfectionist and particular myself too.

I don't know whether to like acrylic painting or to hate it. Because i know i am definitely enjoying doing it and at the same time hating it when my blending and colours don't come out right. I am planning to do a family portrait with my left over acrylics.. and hopefully it will be successfull. after all... i am still in the learning process, therefore there's no harm trying right? i just have to waste another couple of RM50 to get the canvas.

going back to my "Kristin Alba" painting..... byes

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