Monday, December 06, 2010

The Great Pretender ...

I am tired of pretending that nothing happen.
I am tired of acting as if I don't care.
I am tired of lying to myself that I've ran a distance and left everything behind.
I am tired .... just plain tired.

The conscious mind is optimistic for a move on and thinks that she deserves better, but yet the aching heart - is still reluctant to take any step forward ...

Friday, December 03, 2010

just when i am feeling fugly...

Walked around the mall together with 2 pretty colleagues (one of them is a celebrity). And since I was wearing a pair of flat-flats today with VERY casual clothing, I felt unattractive and un-sexy standing beside them both. Furthermore, my hair is in a mess - I left my hair styling cream in Penang so I have not been styling my hair for a week already. and being a cheapskate and being in a terrible financial constraint now, decided to not buy the cream and endure a few more days till I go back Penang.....

So while walking, I just made myself busy replying mails from my phone (a new phone which i have not blog yet) and suddenly one of my colleague turned to me and said,

M: That guy pusing 2 kali (that guy turn twice)
E: ahahha. to tengok you lah (checking you out) *still busy replying mail on the phone*
M: No-lah. He tengok you lar (No! He was looking at you)
E: Betulkah? (Really?)
M: Yalah (YES!)
E: mana satu? (which one?)
M: itu... (that ....) *fingers point to someone ... which I have no idea which guy..)
E: Handsomekah? (Is he handsome?)
E: aiyah.... tak nampak (wasted... I didn't get to see his face)

LMAO! Guys checking me out when I feel absolutely lousy and ugly? LOL

Sorry everyone for being away for a while...working life had kept me away from all my personal-work-time... :(

Let's hope the next blog won't be too far away from here.....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My First Visit to Sri Pentas

Called my colleague,

Me: Hie C, I am at Sri Pentas, where should I park my car?
C: Park at the hotel basement... (sounded like he just woke up)
Me: ok. Thank you very much. (close down the phone)

LOL! yes that's the FREAKY me. I am just paranoid when I am driving in KL because if I ever make a stupid turn or miss one, I'll have to make a BIG round. So... I'll call for help even for such small matter like the above ... :P

Anyway, I decided to go against the odds today and test my lady luck to avoid parking at the hotel because it is quite expensive you see....

So here's the conversation I had with the security guard and the police officer for a free car park

Me: Hi, I am here for an interview with NTV7
Security Guard (SG): Oh, you are here for the Breakfast Show?
Me: (in my mind: How I wish I am here for the Breakfast Show so I get to meet Hansen Lee UP CLOSE *drools*)
Me: Oh no. I am here for meeting with the channel.
SG: Which channel?
Me: NTV7
SG: So you are here as a guest for Breakfast Show?
Me: (*still wishing I am, so I get to meet Hansen Lee*) No, no, no. I am here for a meeting with the NTV7 management...
SG: Ok, please give your ID to this officer to collect your pass

Me: Hi Kak, I need a pass (Kak is a way to address malay woman who are older than me), here's my ID.
Officer (O): Where are you going?
Me: Not sure where, but I have a meeting with NTV7 management...
O: Oh. Here for the breakfast show?
Me: Tak (no). I am here for a meeting
O: So are you here for the Breakfast Show as guest?
Me: No. Just meeting with the management and channel manager ...
O: Where?
Me: At NTV7 office...
O: Are you sure you are not here for the Breakfast Show?
Me: (look at myself, my clothes ... did i overdress for the meeting or what? the last time i check the mirror before I leave the rented apartment, I did not. Do I look like I am here as a guest on national TV? Or was it my new hair colour and fringe that makes me looks like a diva? (self praise. ahahahha :P)
Me: No not for breakfast show. I am here for a meeting with the management.
O: Ok. Give me your ID...
Me: (hands over my ID) Kak, where can I park my car?
O: Here (points to the space in front of the building)
Me: okay.... (that's a very good space). Thanks!


My little makeover that I've had over the weekend seems to be working eh... :P (although the golden brown dye did not turn out as "golden" as I expect it to be *sadness* )

ANYWAY, October has been quite a month for me - filled with ups and downs, experienced new things, was pretty busy at work, did some stupid mistakes, shed some tears and sort of got my heart wounded but I am very pretty sure with my new golden brown hair, November is going to be an awesome month for me! (fingers crossed) ... wish me luck 'aite! :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Narrow Escape?

Life is so fragile. Life can be short.
So why not live life to the fullest and live each day as it is the last?

For the past 3 weeks, I've been on working trip to the east (Kuantan) and south (JB) of Peninsular Malaysia and then at Shah Alam - auditioning kids for a singing competition programme called "Kamilah Bintang" that my company is producing for ASTRO Ceria, Channel 611 which will start transmission on 12th November. Watch it! (NO you will not see me there or maybe you will if you look long and hard! ahahha :P)

First stop - Kuantan

with half of the production crew at JB

okay - here are 3/4 of the production crew

an almost-complete-production team picture

It has been a great 3-weeks-experience, working and witnessing the behind the scene of a programme which is similar to "idol", meeting and talking to various types of people from all walks to life (still learning my social communication skills - which I'm still lacking on), brushing up my oral skill - speaking in Bahasa Malaysia (national language - which i hardly converse in after i graduated from high school), and traveling to parts of Malaysia that I have not had a chance to visit before this. It was an incredible experience I would say.

Anyway, on my second trip, on my way back from Johor, my friends and I were very, very close to be involved in the tragic accident of a bus that went out of control, crashed onto the divider and hit an oncoming bus and overturned on top of a small vehicle which killed 12 lives and left 40 over other people injured. HORRIFIC accident!

I was not at the location, very near but still it left us questioning to ourselves how ironic life can be at times. 15mins before the accident, my friend (the driver) honked the bus because he was trying to cut into our lane and my friend was going pretty fast. Right after the horn, my friend then decide that he wants to take an un-plan stop at a nearby petrol station (our initial plan was to stop at the next stop for dinner, but due to some reasons, my friend wanted to stop). So we stopped and my another sick friend in the car wanted to stop to vomit. So we stop longer than expected. So for that unexpected stop, our lives were spare that evening. Okay, I might be exaggerating - but I am sure you know what I mean. If we were to drive on and if we did not take the stop, we would probably be behind or in front of the bus and we would probably have been one of those unfortunate souls whose lives were robbed away from their love ones.

Working life has been a good challenge for me. As for my own personal life, it has not been that great. I am going through some emotional roller coaster and it has been giving me lots of sleepless nights of lately - for almost 2 weeks. I guess I need a little more time to get things around - it is harder this time, but I hope I can manage it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Beginning of an Ending

Dear Journey So Far blog readers,

I am sorry that I've not updated my blog as frequent as I can. A lot of things has been going on for the past 2 months since my final project presentation and I owe you all a proper update. For the past month, there were just so many occasions when I were stuck in the crazy traffic jam where I had so many stories that I wanted to blog about and share it here. I know somehow, the supposed post(s) were not written and publish - all were plan but not put to action. So sorry - I was very, very busy looking for a new place and moving out, adapting new job, new circle of friends and beginning a my new chapter of my life which has been pretty exciting so far. So be prepared for a long post....

On Graduation
Just like everyone would say it, "In just a blink of an eye...."

YES! The picture says it all, ain't it? After 7 years in college and university, I am now officially a double degree holder!

On Work

Many of you who know me personally would have probably know that I've always wanted to work in an advertising/design agency. It has always been my goal to get into one and working at post production is my second choice (although I sometimes have doubts over my own skills) and being in a production company has NEVER cross my mind before. As ironic as it may sound, and how life can turns out to be so unexpected at times, I am now working in a production company. And this company is not just any ordinary production company. This company partially belongs to one of the world's leading entertainment production company that produces one of my favourite reality tv series of all times - FEAR FACTOR!

What am I working as? I am the Researcher/office girl/Bao Sua Bao Hai (translate: cover mountain, cover sea - in Chinese Hokkien dialect, it means doing various types of job). Don't get me wrong, I am NOT RANTING! I do like my current job. This job requires me to learn and venture into many new things and Eileen loves challenges and adore learning new things very, very much! So yes! I do like my job at the moment!

Anyway, I've been involve in quite a few projects at the moment. Everything seems pretty exciting. Wondering what are those projects are? Well, stay tune! When the time is right, and the project goes public, I'll update you guys on my work and you can tune into the respective channels and enjoy :D

A note to self: Enjoy LIFE!

Moving on

I've recently just moved out of the quiet, traffic-jam-less, jungle-ish Cyberjaya (the place I've stayed for the past 3 years) to the bustling and heavy traffic part of the city - Petaling Jaya. The place I am currently at is not too bad, very homey. On the first 2 nights, I barely had any proper sleep. The sound of the traffic from the nearby highway is quite noisy to me but now, it's almost non-existence especially when I am really, really tired after work.

The view from my chambers. Not perfect but just a view for u

My weekends in this new place has been pretty dull on the first week. At times, it is quiet lonely since most of my friends are not around. Most of my coursemates have gone back to their home country and some had went on holiday trips. But this week, I've called up some friends make a few appointments so it isn't really that bad. So anyone wanna date me? I am mostly free on weekends! ahahhaha :D

Horoscope Reading

The Horoscope today says, "You've spent a good part of the past couple days staring intently into the mirror, wondering if there might not be something tattooed on your forehead that's visible only to jerks, users and losers. For some reason, individuals of that type seem to be gravitating toward you, with sad stories, pleas for redemption and promises to do better next time -- even if you've never set eyes on them before. Relax. It's just your turn -- we all get one. Practice just saying 'no' and walk away."

Well, some parts of it is true - I've met a fair share of jerks and losers and I guess its time for a change! Let's get BI*CHY!

I guess I have to stop now and go to bed. My life's pretty hectic of lately and the coming few days will be even busier than usual. So Sayonara for now and till I update again on my next post - hopefully soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beginning of a New Chapter

A short post.

My boss found my blog and he say i should probably mention in my blog and shout out to the world that I got the job!

So here it is Boss! :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Felix- The Adopted Cat

Felix is the cat that one of my housemate adopted from the streets. For the past few weeks, he have been coming in and out of the house and we've sort of got used to him being in the house... FYI, I hate cats. I still do (i think). I am a dog person but somehow I just got used to having Felix around.

Currently he's undergoing a surgery to safe his eyesight and eyeball. hopefully Felix will do well and the vet do some miracle and magic and safe this few months old cat from the harsh world out there when all of us move out of this neighbourhood.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

new toy?

it is white! white! and all white!!!

**coming soon**

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I Survived?

No. Not officially yet since my lecturer just gave me an additional week to improve it.

Just feel so relief now that the presentation is over. Some burdens that I've been feeling for the last couple of months had just been loaded off. The sleepless nights. The boring weekends spend stuck in the room vectoring and animating. The fear that lecturers won't like my work...

But now its over :D receive some good comments so I AM HAPPY and RELIEF!

And today, I found out that my lecturer(s) actually read my blog. So if you are reading this, HI Miss! Hi Sir!

Okay, i am going off for an early night tonight as I have to wake up in 6 hours for my morning class later. See you soon....

Friday, June 04, 2010

Showreel 2010

Here's the first version of my showreel (one of my professional studies assignment). Will be updating another version soon since this current one is without my final project...

Anyway, do feel free to drop me a line or two of your thoughts and comment about this showreel so I can improve on my next version. :D

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Do or Die

My last hard working weekend as a student! I am going on a 48 hours to 72 hours of no sleep mission. It's DO or DIE! I have no choice! Let's hope I survive and when I do, you will be the first to know, because I AM DAMN sure I am gonna blog about it. As for now.... the no-sleep mission has just begun.....

*yawn* (FYI, i've not had a good sleep since a few weeks ago..i've forgot what it is like to sleep 7 hours a day.....)


and this is the 6 of the 8 bottles of chicken essence mom insist me to bring back with me for this final week!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Congratulations BRO!!

Welcoming Hsiao Wye into the family !!!

Bro and Ah Soh, please multiply and add more new members (cute babies) to the family soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Mr Tumour

14 days to death row...... (probably my death row)

one of my characters for my motion graphic animation

Friday, May 21, 2010

At the Brink of Losing It All

Week 12 is coming to an end. I am on the brink of losing all of it already - the passion and motivation to complete my work ..... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy Substitute

Now this is indeed the perfect healthy substitute to my recent Ramly burger addiction (Got this link via my lecturer's twit :P)

anyone wanna cook them for me? pamper me at least?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Good Laugh

did you have a good laugh over the weekend?

I did not. I was practically emo-ing through the whole 2 days.

But last night, I was working on one of the character for my final project when I notice something humourous I did. It really made me LOL and then I feel, all my stress taken away.... (a little) :D

Didn't they say, "Laughter is the best medicine"? Hope this is a great start to a new week for everyone!

Let's keep the positive spirit and hope I don't stress myself out *fingers crossed*

Saturday, May 08, 2010

It is gonna be a great weekend

Woke up, switch on my computer, click on

and I saw this picture ........

Someone was spotted carrying a Switch's recycle shopping bag at Starbucks this morning. What a great motivation to start the weekend stuck in my room working on my project :D (FYI, I designed that bag)

Hope every one have a great weekend and Happy Mothers' Day!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

According to Horoscope

I am not really a vivid horoscope believer, but somehow I love reading them simply because I am just curious......

So it is May now. According to my horoscope, this month supposed to be the "ROMANCE" month. ahahahah


Romance with my final project?

Yea righttttttttttt.................

Monday, May 03, 2010

Caught in the act

That's me, caught in the act of being paranoid ....

'nuf said


Saturday, May 01, 2010

1st Stressful Post

One of my final project requirement was to consult my supervisor on a weekly basis - or as frequent as I need - to update him on the status of my project. So, this week, I have nothing to show him (since i have not much of work or progression since my last consultation with him and since I was busy with some other stuff during the semester break). But since I was at uni yesterday, I might as well just update him on my project status .... and below is the "some what" summary of the conversation...

Me: Sir, I am not here for consultation. I just wanna let you know and that I will consult you next week.
Sir: Well, I am not too worried - i bet you have done something....
Me: Sir, actually I have not done anything since the last presentation ....
Sir: Seriously?
Me: ....*look down and nod my head* (avoid eye contact because I am seriously guilty)
Sir: You only have like what ... 5 weeks left. Well, this is your career at stake. Not mine.
Me: .... (extremely guilty and pressured)

Those words couldn't have come at better time. I actually thank him for those words are like a wake up call. Seriously I am stressing out right now to be honest. REAAAALLLLY stress to the maximum on the stress scale. I am feeling the pressure as i am running out of time. Family has been asking if i am going back next week to try out my gown which I've send for alteration. Seriously i wanted to, but I don't think i can...I do not have the time to spare on traveling.... not to mention how tired i will be from the respective 5 hours bus rides back and forth...

and.... I am starting to doubt myself and my ability. Maybe I am just not made for all this... seriously dumb and useless. I know this is not the time to think about all this negative thoughts but instead I should think positively and work harder - or simply just work my ass off ....

Furthermore, Graduation Show preparation is taking its toll on me (FYI, I am one of the organizing committee member). After speaking to someone with event planning experience, I am doubting about the whole production and the preparation and there's just so many things to do in sooo little time...


Friday, April 23, 2010

Onitsuka Tiger or Converse?

which one is nicer and better?

this stylish onitsuka ? (around less than RM200)

custom made PRODUCT (RED) converse with red stitches and green for inner colour? (RM200+) or

PRODUCT (RED) converse with green stitches and red inside with my ID on it? (RM200+)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Starbucks & Me

Loving my the-one-and-only Starbuck tumbler more each passing day :D

Penang and food, wait up!! Eileen's coming!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lay's Heaven

a HUUUUUGE packet of drugs to take all the blues and stress away!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling Lucky

I felt so lucky as if I've just strike a lottery!

Last Friday I was late for my 11am entrepreneurshit (oops! its entrepreneurship) class. But despite that when I reach the campus it is already 11.15am, I did not care and decide to screw the class and went to cash out money from the ATM instead to pay my monthly utility bills.

My uni now have 2 units of ATM machine compare to the time when I first came to the uni, there's only one miserable machine cater to thousands of students. So imagine the queue everyday.... But that morning, there wasn't much difference as one machine was not functioning well cos there's a window error message appearing on the screen. So everyone was queuing up at one machine while leave the error-message machine unattended. Then one girl decide to go there to try her luck and when I saw her successfully manage to cash out money, I switched lane and went to the error-message machine.

And guess what, the money that came out from the machine is actually worth more than the amount I cash out from the account!!!


Well you see, the RM50 notes that came out from the machine is actually the limited edition notes which value more than RM50. I check online and some websites are even auctioning it out at RM100 and RM200 for each note and some blog say it is value at RM75 each if you bring it back to the bank to change.

Spot the difference?

There's a 50 years Independence Day logo at the top right corner. Rm50 bank note with this logo is supposed to worth more than its value stated as there's only a few thousands copies printed. It has now become a collectors' item.

Ain't I lucky? I really feel I've just strike a consolation prize lottery :D So next time when you cash out money, do check it before you spend, you might never know when is your lucky day :D

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


That's my dinner tonight.....

half-box of layer cake and a huge cup of natural low fat yogurt

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Saw this handsome over at Juice KL's facebook wall pictures. I am sooo in love with it. I know... probably you might have think I am going nuts in love with this guy-ish sneakers right? but well, no one say a girl can't like or wear a guy's pair of shoes. :P

Most importantly its the combination of JackPurcell + Product(Red)+ CLOT! I'm sooooooooo tempted to get this pair man which I think will probably cost me a fortune! :(

Let's hope Edison Chen drop by my humble blog by chance, read this and decide to give me a discount :D ahahahha

Happy Easter everyone!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My First Interview

Okay... it is not my first work interview but definitely my first work interview for this year and my second interview in this creative industry. This interview is actually part of my class assignment where we will be assessed by the industry guest as well as the lecturer.

I was really nervously-excited over this golden opportunity to be interview by one of the most prestigious agency in this country and not to mention the interviewer happens to be someone who is well respected and super duper experience. So because I was nervous and excited at the same time, I didn't really sleep well the night before so yea...I guess I sort of screw up a bit here and there during the interview.

She asked me questions which I was not prepared for ... and for all the questions that I've prepared and ready for, was not even asked. So imagine ... eileen on her not-enough-sleep state talking.... you will know if you can picture it...My brain wasn't functioning at the speed it is supposed to be and worst of all, I forgot to give her my name card which I spend nearly an hour at the print shop just to get the printing alignment right (not to mention the amount of money there) and I also forgot the common manners of shaking her hands after the interview. sigh :( So yea..I really have no idea how well I did in the interview. Now that I think back, I think I could have done much better.... but well lets hope she keeps me in view.

But at least she likes my CV and some of my designs from my portfolio. Maybe I should take comfort in that and strive to be better in my next interview. Hopefully there will be other new opportunities coming knocking on my door soon ...... *fingers crossed*

the front cover of my CV

the content design layout for my CV

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Lamborghino

After 4-5 days of intense vectoring, finally i've completed the design for the competition......

Front side view

Back side view

Front view

Back view

Top view

I kinda feel i've gayified the car but well....almost 5 days of hardwork there and not to mention the sleepless nights....

Monday, March 22, 2010

My last tin of happiness from home

My last tin of happiness from home for this semester .....

They are definitely my most favourite Chinese New Year delicacy. Now I'll have to wait till next year to enjoy them again :(

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where have I been?

I went missing. Yes. I went missing for a while didn't I? Very sorry to those of you who have miss me and my blogs.

So updates?

I am actually lost at words of what to blog about as there have been so many things happening lately. Everything is just happening so minute I was emo-ing right before Chinese New Year and the next, I am back in Cyberjaya after 3 months of holiday and currently on my 3rd week of the semester already. Sigh. Time flies. 

I am now on my last semester of my second degree which means it is now my 4th year staying in KL. It is really mysterious how fast time flies. Anyway, do expect more emo post from me in the next 3 months ok? I know I will be all stress up by next month and when it comes to May ... I guess I will be at the brink of dying from stress and pressure and endless sleepless nights because of my final project and not to mention the BIG occasion my family will be having this coming end of May! Will keep you posted by May :D

Lots of things to post and update you. First and foremost the most recent one, 


this is definitely not the piercing I plan to get (I have still yet to get the piercing i've always wanted yet). I got it 'cos it was a dare to a friend. hehe

hair is still almost the same style and length (maybe a little longer) ....

got a new natural double eyelid that makes my eyes looks retarded now :(

the eye on the right is the one with the new double eyelid. a new line appear on top of the older line (which vanished away) and now it makes my eye looks smaller on one side

tried baseball batting for the first time with my classmates at 1Utama

So yea.. basically that are the updates i have for now. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When New Year Doesn't Feel Like It

For the pass 3 months, I've been in and out of this hospital. When it was christmas, they have the Christmas decorations on, when it was near Chinese New Year, of course they have the decorations on too.

But somehow, being at the hospital itself doesn't give me the feeling of celebration nor the joy of the season. It aches my heart to see patients after patients on their respective bed with drips connected to their veins through a needle... and I wonder what if I am in their place, will I be able to endure the pain through all the constant needle pricks? Will I ever have the courage to look at myself in the mirror when I am bald?

Someone asked me why have I look so haggard lately. I have no idea how do I answer them. Indeed, I am very tired of everything. From dealing with housework to working freelance on some project to get a side income for me to spend during my last semester which will be starting soon in just less than 20 days time and to helping out my aunt with the baking and to some house chores. Then my family made a remark recently that I don't pay attention to them when they are talking to me. It is not that I don't want to, it is because my brain is constantly thinking and working that I can't help it at times it just switches to something else or it just switches off and I have no idea what's going on. It is like I am tune to another FM wave all of a sudden without me knowing it - in short, I am really exhausted - mentally and physically. I feel like I am slowing burying myself in a mining land full of dynamites...

I know 2010 is going to be great, but will I get through it feeling fabulous and joy?

I will if I constantly believe I will. So I know I will - 2010 is going to be fabulous! (pardon me, i have to always remind myself about this)  After all, I am an OX.  Oxen works hard and will endure all hardship coming his/her way!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Luck and Blessing Needed

I've just recently accepted a quite a long term freelance projects and seriously need your help in praying and blessing me with lots of luck, endurance, patience and creativity. 

It is gonna be really taxing (energy and sleep wise and creativity) as i am also working on my final degree project.....

So wish me luck, health and whatever that I will need. Bless Me! 

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thaipusam 2010

*Warning. Some pictures might be disturbing to some *

My second year visit to Penang's Thaipusam celebration

The above 3 pictures was taken while I was stuck in the traffic jam while on my way to the printer's shop to collect something on my client's behalf. Definitely a good day for me as I get to take some shoots despite being stuck in a jam and thank God, I have my slr is with me :D

I am still thinking should i submit my pictures for competition as I still think my previous year  pictures are much much more nicer than this year's. What do you think? As for my last year's pictures, click here

Monday, January 25, 2010

In Loving Memories : Aizati Aziz

I stared long and hard at my screen - my desktop.

I couldn't believe what I've just read. 

I re-read the whole twit message, again and again...

Then slowly it sunk in that my favourite, coolest, spunkiest, loving, caring, and humble lecturer have left us... forever....

The lady in the middle is our dear Ms Aizati Aziz. She's petite in size, but don't be fooled by that - she's BIG at heart, a rocker and she rides a Ducati. coolness right? She's the lecturer that love by most, hate by none in my class. 

It was sad enough (for me) when she message a few of us over facebook last week that she's no longer teaching us next semester and her last words  to us were "Rock the world with your talent". My friend and I were even planning to have a farewell dinner/party together for her before the next semester begins. But now, she's gone, forever, to return to her creator. How ironic life can be at times.

She had taught me so much and encourage me to be the person I want to be. She had dared me to dream and go to places I've never thought I could. She continue to give me hope and strength whenever I feel down with my work. She would spend her time to teach me the little things. She never stop injecting her creativity into all of us. She was never selfish in sharing. She was the most humble, kind and down to earth person I've ever met. 

I remember the day I attended a conference with her at KLCC, we talked over meals, shared so many small talks and opinions. I shared with her so many little dreams of mine where she encouraged me and turn those small dreams into bigger dreams - goals in life. She snapped a picture of me with her handphone and told me that she loves taking pics of her students so she could keep them for memories. All these memories seems like it was just yesterday....

I will always remember her for all the fun we had together at KL. The crazy things we did at National Art Gallery such as 

stepping on names....

posing playfully with the boys from the class

and cam whoring with the girls for 2 days....

Thank you Ms Aizati for all the "Eureka" thoughts that you've shared with us. Thank you for being our lecturer for the past 3 semester (how I wish you will be here with us till we graduate). Thank you for all the encouragement you gave us. Thank you for always being so nice and understanding. Thank you for the knowledge. Thank you for your wisdom and creativity. Thank you for taking us out on trips and make our learning experience worthwhile and filled with fun. Thank you for inspiring us in so many different ways. Thank you for being just more than a lecturer to us. 

Last but not least, thank you for all the memories. May you rest in peace Ms Aizati. You will forever be remembered and deeply miss by everyone from BACM5A 2009. (soon to be Class of July 2010) 

My deepest condolence goes to Mr Luqman and family. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Her Shots

As promise from my previous post, these are the pictures from my photo session with Acero from Philippine who were here in Penang with her band. 

Photo 1: This is one of my favourite shot of the day

Photo 2: Love the guy's tattoo!!! 

Photo 3: I always love water splash

Photo 4: another splash?

Photo 5

Photo 6

For more pictures, visit my flickr page

(Photo taken by ShinYi)

and this is the picture taken together with her when I went to watch her band perform their last performance at Slippery Senoritas. The band was superbly AWESOME!!