Friday, June 04, 2010

Showreel 2010

Here's the first version of my showreel (one of my professional studies assignment). Will be updating another version soon since this current one is without my final project...

Anyway, do feel free to drop me a line or two of your thoughts and comment about this showreel so I can improve on my next version. :D


Alice in the wonderland said...

im not multimedia student. ^^ but i think don't repeat the explode of your name at the end of the clip. Maybe explode but in another way? And the music is kinda Indonesian shadow puppet music to me. hahaha. :D :D
Good luck to all your work. ^^

e-leen said...

alice: yea i did hav the same thought as u. i was planning to do smtg about it for the second version. :D thanks for ur comment :D oh btw. the music is actually by a Danish percussion/modern electronica band. ehehe :D