Monday, April 30, 2007

2 strikes

2 strikes!

thought i could go for a triple strikes today but its just a combo. too bad... cos my photography lecturer is down with some illness and in on medical leave (That was what i was told.....) so.. no triple strikes lar. my photography assignment still have to wait...

again.. like every other nights, last night i stayed up late again to do the documentation. my mom ask me, why am i always doing most of the work and stress myself out when its a group work. she ask, what are your other group members doing? well .... what did they do? what were they doing? hmm...

anyway.. back to the good news....

i've posted up one of the kiwi water splash series at my DA (deviantart) and i got kinda a good response from it. it was beyond my expectations because, that photography response is even better than any of my other deviation. in a short 4 minutes after i just upload, 4 people favourite it and 4 people commented on the photography. happy!!

then in flick, i've posted 3 pics of my first water splash series there. n someone favourite one of the pic! happy! cos its my first favourite at Flickr! its a big achievement to me.. so far because Flickr is a site with many many professional photographers from all over the globe posting their incredible pictures there. that's why, to have one of my pictures favaourite by 1 person, out from a thousand of million of pictures posted and thousand over users, i am very content already. i am still waiting for my 2nd favourite, hopefully its not too long ...

should i consider photography seriously ar? i am still thinking...what do u think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Final Cut Studio 2

some of u might be wondering what is Final Cut Studio 2. well, final cut studio 2 is a package of software recently released from Apple where it specialize in video and movie production. no doubt, its the best video production software around. having use Adobe Premier Pro before, when it comes to iMovie in Mac OS X, Premier Pro suddenly became... such a complicated tool to use n since iMovie works like Final Cut Pro... but not entirely like it, i assume FCPro is much easier than Premier.
Movie such as "300" (the most recent movie), was produced entirely on Mac system using final cut studio. So imagine... the most POWERFUL machine with the BEST editing software....ah okie. i better stop talking about mac here at the moment.. i can go on n on about mac...n that's what happen to my communication studies presentation where i got my marks deducted for speaking too long about mac! i will suffer oral diarrhoea (talk nonstop) everytime it comes to Mac. if u want to know more about final cut studio, go to link and watch the clip!
so what does Final Cut Studio has anything to do with me?
i wanted to take up Final Cut Pro course so badly. i always have a thing for video production and that's the reason i am studying multimedia. since i am into Mac rather than PC, i think i should know how to use Final Cut Pro. BUT the course fee is so expensive. Rm3000! Expensive.. but what to do.. that's the price to pay since its officially certified by Apple! But before that, i need to get a Mac first!

my shoutout for today: -
Mac is still better than Vista!
Don't think so? drop me a line, n i'll tell u why! ahahhahaha

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Warning Letter

dad called just now. surprise.. cos he never usually call me.i usually talk to him when my mom calls.

he called to ask me what i am doing. how's life? n i was half asleep after the early morning photo session at my friend's house. so i told him i am half asleep now, very tired. then he cut the conversation short n told me that he received a warning letter claiming that i did not attend class on wednesday!

oh crap! of cos i do attend class on wednesday! i am so diligent on wednesday! i attended every single Eiffel's photography class! Ask him! i am sure he knows i don't ponteng his class wan. trust me.. he got good memory! if he can remember every picture i've shown him, he can remember me attending his class every single week. after spending so much on the camera, why would i skip photography class? i am slowly falling in love with photography already and of cos i am falling head over heels over my Baby!

Furthermore, they said i did not attend class for 5 days! CRAP! i did not attend class since the first week.. n that's.. like... 12 weeks ago, 12 lessons, 12 days! its double the 5 days lar!

sigh.. its my "college uni" that we are talking about. they do not have a good computer system that keeps the students' records. I do not need to take malaysian studies, exempted and therefore i don't need to attend the class. crappy letter they sent to my parents! they have huge numbers of staff but do nothing! n lousy computer lab maintenance as all the PCs are infected with stupiak brontok and RavMond virus! how i wish i have a Mac! combat all those stupid virus! my current PC was infected with virus 2 times in space of 2 months! well.. i bet there's going to be a 3rd time!

So, God, when is my Mac coming?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

busy week

it has been a busy busy week. and another upcoming 3 more weeks will be even worst than this week!


because i have 3 final assignment and 1 final project to deal with. studying in art school is not fun and relaxing lo. my friend told me that, studying in art school is very easy, relaxing and you are going to have lots of fun along the way. DON'T believe them! It is a CON! It is true that we don't have exams, major exams like final paper or mid term paper, but we do have small test sometimes for certain subject... but art is not all about theory. We do not have exams, but we have assignments. assignments is worst than exam! imagine, u have 5 assignments due the same week and u only get 3 -4 hrs maximum of sleep per day and sometimes no sleep at all and the uncountable stress and pressure when your artwork is not good? how does that sounds to u huh? i am sure you would prefer 1 mid term exam paper, 1 final exam paper and 1 or 2 assignment for 1 semester right?
well..i prefer exam over tons of assignments.. but i rather have assignments of my interest rather than taking exams which i would probably do well.. but i have no interest in it. i can draw the whole day (did that before and my record was 8 hrs straight) and i can sit in front of the computer... but i rather be drawing than cracking my head to writing programme and debugging every single time and figuring out the error in my programme.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

honey in toilet

how did it ended up there???

i went to the toilet a few minutes ago to brush my teeth n i saw honey stars in the toilet bowl. thought i was sleepy and having one of my weird dreams already.. but i was not. i was sleepy, but i am definitely not dreaming nor am i cracking a joke here. the honey stars is REALLY in the toilet bowl.

so how did the poor honey stars ended up there? apparently, someone ate them in toilet and drop those poor honey stars in the toilet bowl (without realising it). funny huh.. what people can do in toilet.. guess that's just one of many activities that can be done in a toilet.. eating in toilet.

just wanna blog about this.. cos i find it amusing. its not meant for insulting purpose. if u find it insulting, well very sorry. i don't mean it.

i am not sleepy anymore.. mayb this is keeping me awake for another half and hour so i can do more research on my communication studies report.

about communication report... i am having trouble doing it bcos.. i know too much. basically, i know how to write the report, i know what i should write in the analyst part.. just that i can't get appropriate resources to support my answers. i know too much about Mac that i don't even need to reference but this is a research report... i am supposed to do "research" and that is why i need to search for resources and quotes.

Gambate eileen! you can do it!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A glimpse

/glimps/ to see someone or something for a moment without getting a complete view of them.

so have you ever took a glimpse at something and then forget about it? have you ever wonder, what will happen if you were given a 10 seconds ticket to take a glimpse of your future? or maybe a 10seconds glimpse on who your husband or wife is 10 years from now? will you have a good career? a happy family?

a love at first sight started with a glimpse. but what is a glimpse if its not down to fate? out of nowhere, you saw it. out of coincidence, you turn your head n you saw it.

in short, God has plans for everyone.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mac Pro 8 Quad

so mac pro 8-quad is out! its basically a double of quad-core (which is a double of core duo). i have not seen it nor touch it. truthfully, I've touched almost all the Mac available today, mac mini, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro but i never touch a Mac Pro before. n now they have appleTV. i have a brief idea at how it works, but i've not touch and try operating it yet. i bet its one of the best gadget around at the moment. NO doubt! as for iPhone, i am sure everyone has heard about it. if u hav not... i dunno.. ahahha you better start googling!

I can't wait to get back to work! so i can touch all coolest apple gadget! now currently, patiently waiting for the release of leopard! the Mac OS X!

Monday, April 02, 2007


so.. if you are able to read this blog, it means that go-like-shit is working fine! well crossing my fingers and hoping that it gets through to the blogger server safely!! *eileen crossing her fingers*

so..i am gonna forget all the frustration that's building inside of me the pass few days.... getting over it.. life is short.. why should i be frustrated over small matters right? lets just forgive and forget! *amen*