Saturday, April 14, 2007

busy week

it has been a busy busy week. and another upcoming 3 more weeks will be even worst than this week!


because i have 3 final assignment and 1 final project to deal with. studying in art school is not fun and relaxing lo. my friend told me that, studying in art school is very easy, relaxing and you are going to have lots of fun along the way. DON'T believe them! It is a CON! It is true that we don't have exams, major exams like final paper or mid term paper, but we do have small test sometimes for certain subject... but art is not all about theory. We do not have exams, but we have assignments. assignments is worst than exam! imagine, u have 5 assignments due the same week and u only get 3 -4 hrs maximum of sleep per day and sometimes no sleep at all and the uncountable stress and pressure when your artwork is not good? how does that sounds to u huh? i am sure you would prefer 1 mid term exam paper, 1 final exam paper and 1 or 2 assignment for 1 semester right?
well..i prefer exam over tons of assignments.. but i rather have assignments of my interest rather than taking exams which i would probably do well.. but i have no interest in it. i can draw the whole day (did that before and my record was 8 hrs straight) and i can sit in front of the computer... but i rather be drawing than cracking my head to writing programme and debugging every single time and figuring out the error in my programme.

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