Saturday, April 21, 2007

Warning Letter

dad called just now. surprise.. cos he never usually call me.i usually talk to him when my mom calls.

he called to ask me what i am doing. how's life? n i was half asleep after the early morning photo session at my friend's house. so i told him i am half asleep now, very tired. then he cut the conversation short n told me that he received a warning letter claiming that i did not attend class on wednesday!

oh crap! of cos i do attend class on wednesday! i am so diligent on wednesday! i attended every single Eiffel's photography class! Ask him! i am sure he knows i don't ponteng his class wan. trust me.. he got good memory! if he can remember every picture i've shown him, he can remember me attending his class every single week. after spending so much on the camera, why would i skip photography class? i am slowly falling in love with photography already and of cos i am falling head over heels over my Baby!

Furthermore, they said i did not attend class for 5 days! CRAP! i did not attend class since the first week.. n that's.. like... 12 weeks ago, 12 lessons, 12 days! its double the 5 days lar!

sigh.. its my "college uni" that we are talking about. they do not have a good computer system that keeps the students' records. I do not need to take malaysian studies, exempted and therefore i don't need to attend the class. crappy letter they sent to my parents! they have huge numbers of staff but do nothing! n lousy computer lab maintenance as all the PCs are infected with stupiak brontok and RavMond virus! how i wish i have a Mac! combat all those stupid virus! my current PC was infected with virus 2 times in space of 2 months! well.. i bet there's going to be a 3rd time!

So, God, when is my Mac coming?

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