Sunday, April 08, 2007

honey in toilet

how did it ended up there???

i went to the toilet a few minutes ago to brush my teeth n i saw honey stars in the toilet bowl. thought i was sleepy and having one of my weird dreams already.. but i was not. i was sleepy, but i am definitely not dreaming nor am i cracking a joke here. the honey stars is REALLY in the toilet bowl.

so how did the poor honey stars ended up there? apparently, someone ate them in toilet and drop those poor honey stars in the toilet bowl (without realising it). funny huh.. what people can do in toilet.. guess that's just one of many activities that can be done in a toilet.. eating in toilet.

just wanna blog about this.. cos i find it amusing. its not meant for insulting purpose. if u find it insulting, well very sorry. i don't mean it.

i am not sleepy anymore.. mayb this is keeping me awake for another half and hour so i can do more research on my communication studies report.

about communication report... i am having trouble doing it bcos.. i know too much. basically, i know how to write the report, i know what i should write in the analyst part.. just that i can't get appropriate resources to support my answers. i know too much about Mac that i don't even need to reference but this is a research report... i am supposed to do "research" and that is why i need to search for resources and quotes.

Gambate eileen! you can do it!

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