Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Final Cut Studio 2

some of u might be wondering what is Final Cut Studio 2. well, final cut studio 2 is a package of software recently released from Apple where it specialize in video and movie production. no doubt, its the best video production software around. having use Adobe Premier Pro before, when it comes to iMovie in Mac OS X, Premier Pro suddenly became... such a complicated tool to use n since iMovie works like Final Cut Pro... but not entirely like it, i assume FCPro is much easier than Premier.
Movie such as "300" (the most recent movie), was produced entirely on Mac system using final cut studio. So imagine... the most POWERFUL machine with the BEST editing software....ah okie. i better stop talking about mac here at the moment.. i can go on n on about mac...n that's what happen to my communication studies presentation where i got my marks deducted for speaking too long about mac! i will suffer oral diarrhoea (talk nonstop) everytime it comes to Mac. if u want to know more about final cut studio, go to link and watch the clip!
so what does Final Cut Studio has anything to do with me?
i wanted to take up Final Cut Pro course so badly. i always have a thing for video production and that's the reason i am studying multimedia. since i am into Mac rather than PC, i think i should know how to use Final Cut Pro. BUT the course fee is so expensive. Rm3000! Expensive.. but what to do.. that's the price to pay since its officially certified by Apple! But before that, i need to get a Mac first!

my shoutout for today: -
Mac is still better than Vista!
Don't think so? drop me a line, n i'll tell u why! ahahhahaha


Ruth said...

for me now.. vista or mac i havent use yet... so i dono which one is better.... for me.. mac is leet in design, microsoft is leet for alot of users... tell us why mac better than vista.. hahaa..

e-leen said...

well.. alot of ppl is still using microsoft because they are afraid to change .. n they don't know about mac. they assume that mac is hard to use and therefore... they r still stuck between the windows! ahahahha

try to visit a mac store today, you will know why! all the new features vista have today, existed in mac.. few yrs ago. does that make mac better? hehe