Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help Him

Feel like you could make a difference in someone's life?

Are you generous enough to make a little donation to help save a life?

All pump up to do something good?

Read on... and find out how...

An entry from my friend's blog: 

"When everyone is working harder to earn more during this global economic down time, someone has been fighting, just to live.

About a year or two ago, my mum told me about a cousin of mine being diagnosed with a rare cancer, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma. Well, he is actually the son of my mother’s cousin. Mum updated us with his condition from time to time. Things got worse during the recent few months. The cancer struck back and he lost his right eye during a recent operation.

And that’s not the end of it. To undergo proton therapy as suggested by his doctors, he has to go to either China, Korea, or Japan as these are the only few countries equipped with this medical technology. The total cost of medical expenses goes up to RM120,000.

So the thing is, this is not a small amount of money. He has been on the newspaper appealing to the public for donation. You may read the articles here and here for more info.

There are many ways to help. If you are reading and would like to make a donation, please contact Datuk Michael Chong at 03-21618044, as shown in the above articles for donation. If you would like to write an entry in your blog, please also make sure to direct your readers to Datuk Michael Chong for donation. Please do not use my cousin’s condition to make fraud donation. If you are not sure, feel free to write to me.

Feel free to use the social bookmarking icons below to share this with others, or email this to your friends. Please help to spread this, and help my cousin, Kavern!"

I wish I can do something, make a donation or maybe organise a fundraiser event or something to help this cancer patient who deserve more in life... but since i am in KL, and I am on the busiest weeks of the semester, there's nothing much i can do. So i decide to blog about it and hopefully, this little humble blog of mine could reach out to good, kind soul out there as many as possible.

You can help to change his life! 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Photohunt : Scary

acrophobia, altophobia, hypsiphobia 

all the listed 3 types of phobia above describe the fear of heights

height + sway = scary

I am kinda scared of heights but then if I am given a chance to go bungee jump, I will try it no doubt! So when this picture was taken, I was taking my first canopy walk, hanging up in quite a height which i have no idea how high above I was. It is scary, since it sways quite a lot. I was shaky at first, but after a while, i got a hang of it and since the canopy walk is quite a distance, i couldn't resist but to take some pictures with shaky hands (and legs) of course. FYI, the picture is not shakey because it was set to a high shutter speed. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Airbrushing : Edward Cullen

I did a quick sketch of Edward Cullen last night.

I have not complete it yet...and no it does not look like the Edward from the movie because this is my own version of Edward. 

can you feel my craze and obsession?

Quote from New Moon (2nd book): 
Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk in

Friday, October 24, 2008

Twilight Obsession

okie.. i know i am crazily obsess with Twilight (both the book and the movie and also the audio book which is playing on my itunes now).

I just watch the latest trailer of Twilight and when it reaches the end, it says that the movie is going to be premier in US on 21st November! O.O


they are actually premiering the movie earlier than the initial date (12th Dec) ?

*jumps around with joy*

anyway, here's the youtube video of the latest trailer. it's 2 minutes long

btw, GSC will be screening it starting 27th November! Anyone wanna join me???

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tic Tac

I am not sure how many of you have watch the movie "Juno" before. I've watched it a few times, and i love that movie. Not really an action flick kind of movie, but the screenplay/script is really really good! superb!

Anyway..... what I wanted to blog today is not a review of the movie. I wanted to blog about tic tac!

One of my coursemate bought a box and bring it to class today and as a "good" friend, I helped her to consume some. :D

So by the end of the day, I wanted to take a walking trip out to the convenient store to get a few boxes of it to help me stay awake at night as i work on my assignment, but since i am feeling all lazy and sick now to walk, i guess i'll just pass.

I just wish someone like Juno will fill up my mailbox with countless box of tic tac ................

screenshot from the movie where Juno left a msg at the door step ......

he open the mailbox and countless of tictacs fall out from the mailbox... how sweet....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photohunt : Family

Family is always the most important thing in my life. They are my life. It is who they are that made what I am today....

So when I was choosing the picture to post up for this week's theme, I just couldn't decide which to put up as behind every picture comes with many, uncountable happy and memorable memories and laughter we shared together. I just couldn't decide which is the best, and so, i decide to stitch up some of my family pictures in iPhoto. So may i present to you, my FAMILY

This is the picture is taken last year's Chinese New Year (the year of pig). That's the reason why you can see my family doing a little crazy, funny thing together by wearing the piggy t-shirt to take a family picture. The picture of the bottom right is a picture of the whole family (uncles, aunts, cousins). Not really a big family (for a chinese family), but we are definitely a VERY CLOSE knitted family. 

Meanwhile, the above pictures is taken 2 weeks ago when i went back to Penang to celebrate my dad's birthday. There are just so many laughters and jokes that all of us share together that day.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Addiction to Twilight

Finish reading the first book last night. I know I am slow. I took a week to read a book of 434 pages but I only read it in between assignments, when I go to school, in the bus, in class and just before i go to sleep. Guess it is understandable why i took 7 days to finish reading it... :P

Oh I bought the second book, New Moon last Monday when I skip my video production class to go to Alamanda to have a sushi lunch at Sushi King. I had a very satisfying meal as I do not need to think too much about the amount of money I will be paying for each colour plate i took as they are all only RM2! 

My second book ... and i wonder should i start reading it ...

By the way, I got the book by only paying RM15  at MPH Alamanda since i had RM25 voucher from my previous shopping at MPH at 1-U. I was asking for a discount for the book as none of the books they have at the store are in good condition (i am very particular when it comes to purchasing new books) but they said NO discount! Since I am desperate to read it and due to my tight schedule and is hard for me to travel to another shop, I decide to just get it. Well, i guess that's going to be my last time at that store. Lousy service and they don't have good condition books and not just any normal book, this is a BESTSELLER series-lah!

After finishing reading Twilight, i decide to do some search in facebook (due to boredom) and these are 2 group i found that is kinda funny: 

I was laughing so hard when I saw the title of the group. Seriously..... I do agree that Edward Cullen is darn charming as describe by Stephenie Meyer but to create such group as above.... just find it funny but well.. in a good way. 

ah another boring post... i just woke up and hence i am a little crappy and everything..... so i think i will stop here and go hunt for some blood to satisfy my thirst (vampire term for hunger)..... 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

countdown to twilight

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photohunt : Lazy


one of the reason why i am late this week... because I am lazy. suits the theme for this weekend huh? 

So here's my picture

 a basket full of laundry to do

bag full of junk food, dvd and other misc stuff but mainly junk food

Just got back from Penang and look at the pile of laundry that I've got to do. So damn lazy to do any laundry or unpacking my luggage (full of junks, dvds and other misc stuff) yesterday as I have to clean up my room after being away for 2 weeks. I just feel so lazy... and since it is a lazy theme, i hope i am forgiven for this late post simply because i am lazy to send the picture from my hp to the comp last night. :P lazy lazy lazy....

As for this week, and maybe for the next few weeks, I might not be able to share any good quality photographs with you as I am without any camera at the moment except nokia N70 handphone camera. One of the reason this is so is because I left my precious slr back in Penang as i am lazy to carry it with me down to KL. I am so gonna miss my camera...

hope it is a nice week ahead and pray that i won't fall sick as the next 3 - 4 weeks is my crucial week of the semester and hopefully I will be able to finish all my assignment on time. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Eileen is reading Twilight

went to Queensbay today alone to get mini DV tapes for my video production tomorrow and to get Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. I've been so eager to get my hands on that book and start reading it since the moment i watch the trailer online... 

So off I went to BORDERS. (FYI, i love the smell of BORDERS. It is not the coffee, its the blend of the smell of books i think). When I was about to pay, the cashier told me that, if I buy any magazine, I am entitled for a 20% discount on the Twilight book that I am buying. So since i've not bought any magazine for myself lately, i know i'll just end up wasting more money since i was so tempted to buy the only copy of Computer Arts mag (RM43.90), but then thinking again.. nolar... running low of cash.. maybe just get a copy of a cheap female/fashion magazine to get myself back on track with the fashion world... so i took a copy of Cleo (cheapest mar) and went back to the counter assuming that i will have to pay more than the originally intended RM35.50 of the book price for Twilight. :( BUT to my surprise, it only totals up to RM34!!! 


It got cheaper because I took an extra item?

Then i was thinking again... should i get the 3 other copy of the twilight sega? 

Better not.. read the first one first.. then buy later.. just in case i don't like the novel which I doubt it cause I fell in love with the story after watching the trailer. I don't know why, but I love those human-vampire and human-alien relationship. Roswell, Moonlight are two of my favourites and now adding Twilight to my list! 

Time to get back to my book and then go to bed early so I can get enough rest for my video production tomorrow. Wish and pray it won't rain tomorrow and hopefully the video production process goes according to plan and all of us will have a great time! Wait for my update on it....

As for now... buh-bye

Thursday, October 09, 2008

3 Girls in town

after 5 days of staying only at home, finally last night, I had a dinner date with 2 of my girlfriends from high school at New World Park.  


3 babes camwhoring in the car

we talked and talked the whole night long, talking bout everything, the good old days back in high school, all the crappy, childish fights we had back then, updating each other about other friends and complaining about how sucky our love life is. LOL! girl talk mar! 

So anyone interested in any of the girls above? drop me a line... LOL! We are all single and maybe available. :P 

Oki.. i got to go. a short post as i need to get back to my video production preparation... (hate it but it is a path i choose to take... so i'll deal wit it)

Before I go, let's make a toast, 

I am glad all the emo-ness is now gone............ CHEERS!! 

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


he asked, and she said, "Friendship"

she wanted it to be more than just friendship, but she know she can't say it and she won't say it.

she told herself that she should just forget about him and move on with her life. she know she can and she know it will be hard as not many has come into her life and swept her off her feet just like the way he did....

after long deliberation and consideration, she finally decide to give up what is between them, as she realize, he does not love her just as much ....

Monday, October 06, 2008

I am still at Penang

I am supposed to be back in KL now but because of some miscommunication, I miss my bus back to KL last Saturday and hence, I will still be at Penang for another week. 

I had a busy week at Penang last week and hung out with lots of friends. 

I've compiled all the pics i have at the moment and more to come once my friends send me theirs.

So here are my pictures from my 1st week back in Penang: 

cute chien chien entertained me with his hip hop moves

hanging out at Mizi and Oldtown

heritage trail visit & photography hunting

good food from Penang

Daddy's birthday - everyone shares the joy and laughter

Daddy's Birthday

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Photohunt : Sad

since i am kinda emo about something at the moment ....... i guess this week's theme is not hard for me to describe my feelings.... but this is a photohunt, and there are no pictures that can describe my feeling and emo-ness and what the emo is all about....

so as for this week, this is the picture that i took to interpret my "sad"

that's a picture of a picture of my most beloved dog, Monnie who pass away many many years ago (around 7years). That's the only 2 pictures I have of her.. and I would cry my heart out if I ever to lose them and that's the reason i decide to frame them on my wacom tablet which i know i wouldn't have a chance to misplace or lose it. Monnie is my companion back when I was in my high school and is the only dog that I am closest with. I remember spending hours on the phone back then and she will quietly sneak up beside me and just lay beside me so that I could stroke her...and if i don't, she will run and lose her break and bang right into me (that's her way of getting my attention while I am sleeping on the floor chatting on the phone) so that I play with her. 

So when she became sick and weak and when the doctor advice me to put her to sleep so that she wouldn't feel so much pain, that was the saddest day of my life so far. I cried so hard at the clinic all the way back to my house and couldn't stop crying for a few days...... I hope I did the right thing by letting her go as I do not want her to suffer, but at the same time, I am angry of myself for letting her go that way..... 

I will always miss and love her dearly. May she rest in peace .......