Monday, October 06, 2008

I am still at Penang

I am supposed to be back in KL now but because of some miscommunication, I miss my bus back to KL last Saturday and hence, I will still be at Penang for another week. 

I had a busy week at Penang last week and hung out with lots of friends. 

I've compiled all the pics i have at the moment and more to come once my friends send me theirs.

So here are my pictures from my 1st week back in Penang: 

cute chien chien entertained me with his hip hop moves

hanging out at Mizi and Oldtown

heritage trail visit & photography hunting

good food from Penang

Daddy's birthday - everyone shares the joy and laughter

Daddy's Birthday


lollipop said...

omg eileen, ( shouting shouting )

1st shout for the cute lil boy!! SO CUTE!!!

2nd shout for the food !! LOOK SO YUMMY (not the guys = =)

3rd shout for the places!! SO EXOTIC!! SO NICE!!

4th shout for the food n desert !!

5th shout for the homecook laksa!!

lastly i wan to shout EILEEN I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! XD

e-leen said...

lollipop: THING!!!!!! I MISS YOU TOOOOOO!!!!! will hang out with u coming saturday night yea!

1st shout - yea the boy is sooooo cute. break dancing sumore leh.

2nd shout - come to Penang, i bring u there

3rd shout - ahaha that's taken along the heritage places ... didnt get to go to many place...just went to a few places nia

4th shout - yea... very nice food... expensive too... but all of them is free!!!!! :D

5th shout - come to my house! ahahahhah