Monday, October 27, 2008

Photohunt : Scary

acrophobia, altophobia, hypsiphobia 

all the listed 3 types of phobia above describe the fear of heights

height + sway = scary

I am kinda scared of heights but then if I am given a chance to go bungee jump, I will try it no doubt! So when this picture was taken, I was taking my first canopy walk, hanging up in quite a height which i have no idea how high above I was. It is scary, since it sways quite a lot. I was shaky at first, but after a while, i got a hang of it and since the canopy walk is quite a distance, i couldn't resist but to take some pictures with shaky hands (and legs) of course. FYI, the picture is not shakey because it was set to a high shutter speed. 


Demetrius said...

What's next for you, sky diving? lol

e-leen said...

demetrius: WOW! that's a good one! Will put that on my "50 things to do" list

Demetrius said...

flirting with danger is not a hobby!!! LOL