Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photohunt : Lazy


one of the reason why i am late this week... because I am lazy. suits the theme for this weekend huh? 

So here's my picture

 a basket full of laundry to do

bag full of junk food, dvd and other misc stuff but mainly junk food

Just got back from Penang and look at the pile of laundry that I've got to do. So damn lazy to do any laundry or unpacking my luggage (full of junks, dvds and other misc stuff) yesterday as I have to clean up my room after being away for 2 weeks. I just feel so lazy... and since it is a lazy theme, i hope i am forgiven for this late post simply because i am lazy to send the picture from my hp to the comp last night. :P lazy lazy lazy....

As for this week, and maybe for the next few weeks, I might not be able to share any good quality photographs with you as I am without any camera at the moment except nokia N70 handphone camera. One of the reason this is so is because I left my precious slr back in Penang as i am lazy to carry it with me down to KL. I am so gonna miss my camera...

hope it is a nice week ahead and pray that i won't fall sick as the next 3 - 4 weeks is my crucial week of the semester and hopefully I will be able to finish all my assignment on time. 

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