Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My First Visit to Sri Pentas

Called my colleague,

Me: Hie C, I am at Sri Pentas, where should I park my car?
C: Park at the hotel basement... (sounded like he just woke up)
Me: ok. Thank you very much. (close down the phone)

LOL! yes that's the FREAKY me. I am just paranoid when I am driving in KL because if I ever make a stupid turn or miss one, I'll have to make a BIG round. So... I'll call for help even for such small matter like the above ... :P

Anyway, I decided to go against the odds today and test my lady luck to avoid parking at the hotel because it is quite expensive you see....

So here's the conversation I had with the security guard and the police officer for a free car park

Me: Hi, I am here for an interview with NTV7
Security Guard (SG): Oh, you are here for the Breakfast Show?
Me: (in my mind: How I wish I am here for the Breakfast Show so I get to meet Hansen Lee UP CLOSE *drools*)
Me: Oh no. I am here for meeting with the channel.
SG: Which channel?
Me: NTV7
SG: So you are here as a guest for Breakfast Show?
Me: (*still wishing I am, so I get to meet Hansen Lee*) No, no, no. I am here for a meeting with the NTV7 management...
SG: Ok, please give your ID to this officer to collect your pass

Me: Hi Kak, I need a pass (Kak is a way to address malay woman who are older than me), here's my ID.
Officer (O): Where are you going?
Me: Not sure where, but I have a meeting with NTV7 management...
O: Oh. Here for the breakfast show?
Me: Tak (no). I am here for a meeting
O: So are you here for the Breakfast Show as guest?
Me: No. Just meeting with the management and channel manager ...
O: Where?
Me: At NTV7 office...
O: Are you sure you are not here for the Breakfast Show?
Me: (look at myself, my clothes ... did i overdress for the meeting or what? the last time i check the mirror before I leave the rented apartment, I did not. Do I look like I am here as a guest on national TV? Or was it my new hair colour and fringe that makes me looks like a diva? (self praise. ahahahha :P)
Me: No not for breakfast show. I am here for a meeting with the management.
O: Ok. Give me your ID...
Me: (hands over my ID) Kak, where can I park my car?
O: Here (points to the space in front of the building)
Me: okay.... (that's a very good space). Thanks!


My little makeover that I've had over the weekend seems to be working eh... :P (although the golden brown dye did not turn out as "golden" as I expect it to be *sadness* )

ANYWAY, October has been quite a month for me - filled with ups and downs, experienced new things, was pretty busy at work, did some stupid mistakes, shed some tears and sort of got my heart wounded but I am very pretty sure with my new golden brown hair, November is going to be an awesome month for me! (fingers crossed) ... wish me luck 'aite! :D