Friday, January 23, 2009

Chilling out with my girls

Eileen hung out with her girls last weekend at Leisure Cove. They talked and laughed the whole night and had a lot of fun time catching up with everything that they've missed out in each others' life.... 

the girls before going out

steph, me and yuin at chillis

cam whoring session begins

eileen & stella

friends friends...

eileen with shades - thanks to steph who helped me to take this picture

i just like this shot! :P


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eileen & Pleo

One good thing about working at the current place i am working at is i get to play with a lot of cool gadgets and learning a lot of tech stuff from colleagues as well as from interacting with customers. But lately, I am not so keen and motivated to continue to work due to many many reasons... then i met .....

Mr Pleo
That's our first picture together...

playing tug-of-war with Mr Pleo

me, trying to cuddle Mr Pleo 

and that's Mr Pleo, manja-ing with me

and that's me, wanting to just bite him ....

Anyone out there who is thinking of getting your love ones a pet this Valentine's Day, think no more. Pleo is the right one! No poop to clean up and no shower is needed. All you have to do is just touch him and cuddle him and he will respond to you by sticking his neck to your body. can say he's a little ham-sap (perverted). LOL. I am just joking. Afterall, Pleo is just a robot programmed in that way. 

But at the end of the day, a real warmth from someone you love cuddling you is still the best feeling in the world. 

Thinking of getting one? Let me know.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Starbucks Coffee Addiction

I can't drink too much of caffeine but I still consider myself a coffee lover. This holiday, I've been spending quite a few mornings over at Starbucks Coffee and at McD to enjoy free internet access and of cos the coffee before I go over to work which has been quite a habit to me now. It is just a little temptation that I am enjoying :D

So while I got myself more addicted to coffee, I too began to spend more on some miscellaneous, unnecessary stuff. So what did i get for myself ?

a StarbucksCoffee Leather Planner: i've always wanted a Moleskin (if you do not know what moleskin is, refer to the pic below)
 It is just something every artist/designer would want so they can do their sketches on it. The paper are of good quality standards (it claims that picasso, leonardo da vincci used them) and for that, it is very pricey. So, when I saw this planner on sale at Starbucks few weeks ago, I told myself that i could get that as a moleskin replacement. I can bind my own sketches and put them inside it. Sounds good right? BUT, unfortunately on that day, i was on financial constrain and I only bought it last Monday.  

So what's so special about this leather planner is that, it is a special edition for Starbucks Coffee's 10th Anniversary 

it has really nice illustrations as dividers ...

another cute illustrations...

and yes...that's the limited edition 10th anniversary tumbler which only cost me RM10!
I've just have so much things to blog about and yet so little time to do it. Since i am on MC today (yes i am sick, very sick but better than the day before) so i decided that it is time for me to post up the pictures that I've promised earlier (check my earlier post). 

That's for now. Anyone wanna go out for coffee? 

p/s: I prefer CoffeeBean, but Starbucks provide better internet access. 

It used to be our playground

Here are the photos that I've promised! sorry for the delay. 

My first try on portrait photography. 

Thanks to all the models : Charmaine, Jamie, Angeline, Venice

Hope you like it. 














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