Wednesday, November 28, 2007

car stolen? or stolen car?

No this is NOT A JOKE!

i just received a mail from my friend that thieves are now stealing malaysian made cars! WTH!!!! i thought laptops and computers are the most attractive items to those bastards... n now even MALAYSIAN made cars???
My friend's friend car was stolen while they are eating in a fast food restaurant in Penang few days ago. So, Penangites and all Malaysians, pls becareful if you are driving the "P" brand cars..... u know... Pero... and Pro...
I am still worried to hell that those bastards might break in the second time since that all of us are back at our hometown. i still have my hubby there... although i did bring back his heart with me, but, i don't want those bastards to steal his body away. Last saturday, my friend told me another case which was the same case as my house happen again last saturday at a different unit...WTH!! what is the police doing? are thjey doing anything to fight the crime?

... i am here (Penang), back home to forget and get away the fear of burglary, thievery and what ever crimes that deals with losing materials and possession.. basically i am really traumatized by what happen last week....and i still can't get over the fear of that burglary out of me.... and now the fear of losing my car (since he's a malaysian made)

seriously, i have no idea what has the world become~! crimes are everywhere.... n worst of all... it comes in the least expected way...
God, where is the peace? where is the love?

I am starting to work tomorrow. ... i still have yet to get my 12hours of continuous sleep yet. I wish i have more day for resting... and sleeping... and being a potato couch....but that's life... ironically... what you want is not what you get!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I had a super good meal today! Dinner never taste as good as a meal of home-cook food!

Crab! Prawns! Fish!


~Home Sweet Home~

although i am glad that i am home now, in my heart, i am still worried about my housemate living alone in the house we share. If i were her, i'll be scared to death...seriously...

God, please bless her.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Going back to Penang

Relief that i am going home after what had happen on Wednesday night. Seriously, i think i need to get away from here to forget about what had happen.....i am still recovering...phobia...

Can't wait to get back to Penang. I've miss my family and friends and i have not seen them for 4 months! Can't wait to mamak and lok-lok-ing with them and chat and chat....

My initial plan was to take a week long break and sleep as much as i can before i start working part time... but .. i know i shouldn't be planning things ahead.. cos nothing ever turns out the way i expect it to happen. So. as a twist of plan, I am gonna start my part time job on Wednesday. I only have 2 days to rot and sleep at home before i start working... and worst of all...i am scheduled to work at PC Fair! WTH! My sellings skill mode has been switched off for 4 months.. and i can't just turn it back on.. i need time to reboot, to recover and time to learn the new stuff...(leopard, the new range of ipods, iLife'08) i just dont understand why i am station at PISA! Thus, i think i should get ready to lose my voice at the end of the event...

CRAP... my life ......

SEriously, i hate people who can't keep up with their words. Bastards....PHO PHUC LAI!

Anyway, this is my last post from KL for this year. i won't be briinging my PC home (since someone just "forgets" about what he promise to do) but i am tearing it apart. i am bringing my hard disk and dvd rom back .... and if the f**cking bastard gonna try to break into my house again, well... at least... my data is safe wit me in artworks are my most precious files.. and so are my music files and movie files.

*Praying hard to God that no more break in please!*

c u in penang....

edited: this post was edited because he did not forget about helping me. just a miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Terrified, petrified, traumatized

I thought yesterday was a great day... til... i went back home n found out that someone broke into my house!!!! WTH!!!

i was enjoying my day at ikea n ikano and our dinner cum supper at mamak til the moment before i saw the gate and the door of my house wide open! All 4 of us just stand outside the house, stunned! unable to move and think, we were shocked half to death! The house lights were on, but how can it be since we left early in the morning, the owner never come and check the house...and all 3 of us went out together and standing outside the house together, so who can it be..inside oour house???!!!~!~!.. then we saw the grill broken! Then we slowly came to our senses that someone broke into our house. we rushed in without further thinking of our own safety and found out.. that the notoriuous thief/thieves only broke into the master bedroom! WTF~

He stole my housemate's imac, a toshiba laptop and her external hard disk!

I stood there in the house, trying to get everything sink into my brains about what had just happen.... i hope and hope that it was just a dream, try to pinch myself.. but it was not a dream! I wish i could just wake up and say to myself "It is just a dream" but i can't! I WAS NOT ASLEEP and nor was it a dream!!

I spend my next 2 hours at the police station with my housemate to make a police report and wait for the police investigator to come for official statement. Then after that, we were given a ride on the police van back to our house! My first time riding on a police van of cos...and it doesnt make me feel happy. it feels more creepy than i thought it should and the nice police even offer me their junk food while we were in the car. It was all super crazy! I was never been involved in a crime, but last night, it was a whole new traumatic experience for me to be involved in a crime event where i was part of the victim.

We spend a night over at my friend's place as all of us was too petrified about what had happen. We scared that the thief might break into the house again.For that night, me n sherlyn moved our cpu and printers to my neighbour's house for extra precaution as our gate and door was not completely secure due to the break in.

As i was typing this message, I am still having goosebumps now and then and traumatized by what had happen. I still hope that it is all a nightmare... but it is not!

So what about my PC? i am still not sure if u want to ask and trouble my friend to help me deliver it back to penang because, since both of us are casual friends. Although he did agree that he is able to help me to send it back, but..... malu lar...

Another friend is still not sure if he's able to help me... because... of some transportation problem. So... how's my PC? i don't think i want to leave my pc behind although it is old and heavy. Afterall, he's still a good companion, a good servant and a good entertainment machine. i don't wanna leave him behind and wait for the burglar to take him away.... GOD HELP!

note: i have a few swear words in this post.. but just ignore it. i am still recovering from what happen as we really did not expect such things to happen.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ending and beginning

a story ended and a new chapter begins.....

One of my best friend said I've changed and KL has changed me. I am not sure whether I was changed by KL or it is just me all along that has not change but the real me "came out". Life is just weird sometimes. You have no power to control it or what people thinks and say about you but you can choose the life you like to lead. Some thinks that i've become a "playgirl" of some sort.... but whoever that has been sourcing out the news has definitely owns a broken satellite. Flirting is not an act to be counted as a playgirl. It is just purely for the fun of it. If only you are here in this city where boredom is the only word you know everyday, you will know how i feel. My life in KL is not really that bad actually apart from the occasional boredom since i don't have a car to go out as much as i wanted to. I did enjoy myself most of the time here because of the people that i mix with are all nice and friendly. We are like a happy family that laughs and joke together and watch out for one another since most of us are far away from home. I enjoyed my life here because i can enjoy freedom that i am deprived of from back home. But sometimes i do miss home!

So, if I've changed... so what?

Everyone changes in different phases of his/her life. That's part of my metamorphosis journey and whatever that I've change into, deep down, i am still who i am. I am who i am.

Finally a chapter of my life has ended. Everything... from feelings to relationships to many other things. I've begin to see things and take certain things differently. I never take relationship seriously as i never wanted to get heartbreaks - so that part of me remains. Now is the beginning of a new chapter.... i treasure my family and close friends more and i told myself that i should and shall lead my life with happiness and contentment and never let the unhappiness takes my happiness away. I am loving every part of the stressful work from school because i know that's the path that i've chosen to ride and so be it. I shall fight for what i want and never give up although the road might be bumpy and there are hurdles along the way!

Never give up on what you believe in!

Aristotle said, "The roots of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!". The other 5 semester ahead will be much more worst than this semester, but i shall endure as i know my success and career is at the end of the tunnel....

As for now, i shall enjoy my 3 months holiday and continue fighting when the holiday ends...

Saturday, November 17, 2007



no words can describe my feeling now.... after nights after nights of drawing, and drawing and painting and colouring... finally... it is all over.......for this sem!

YES! Submitted my final assignment today! my drawing journal! u have no idea how much torture i went through for this assignment! only those in my class will know the workload and how we suffer! Marli, Thing THing n sherlyn will know.. right?

Few weeks ago, my lecturer told me that i am failing his drawing class! WOW! panic.. i don't wanna fail any of my subject because i don't wanna take more than 3 years to finish my degree... so..i decide to work on it..

Today, i hand in my journal. The book of HELL! after my lecturer look through my journal page by page till the end, he said "This is too good!"


eh? I am not expecting that comment from him nor did i see it coming... but at the end of the day... i am happy. The effort and hard work is finally repaid! well.. not exactly.. need to wait till the results come out.

now that my assignments are all done, suddenly, i have no idea what i want to do!

if i sleep now, i wouldnt be able to wake up .... if i don't sleep, i don't know what i should do after blogging. Furthermore i am too tired to clean up the room i think i'll go sleep for now~!


Friday, November 16, 2007


missing, missing, missing... something is missing.....

Monday, November 12, 2007


I just receive my 4th dinner invitation in 2 days. Why suddenly everyone is so generous towards me? why suddenly so many people decide to treat me good meal? i wonder (-.-)?

I wish i can go out and have fun and treat myself with good food but i do not have the time to do so. i barely have time to sleep, and if i were to agree to go out for dinner with my friends, ... i will probably present 2 black piece of mounting board to Mr Wong on monday! (tomorrow)

My newsletter is still.... in progress... i wasn't satisfied with my previous designs and hence i've been editing it non-stop, coming up with the 5th versions already. Call me crazy.. but that's me!

My handphone is going crazy already i think. It is gonna be 3years old in another 9 more days... hang on there pls... i don't have cash now to get a new replacement....

Oki... enough of crapping ... getting back to work...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Truman Show

3 more assignments to go....FIGHTING

Sometimes, i feel like my life is like the The Truman Show (one of jim carey's movie). There are a few things that's i've been keeping to myself recently and never told anyone about it but somehow, someone manage to find out. It is like there's a hidden camera somewhere .... and my life is completely broadcasted to everyone i know.....WTH!

My family is acting weird recently.Maybe they are not, maybe it is just me...

If u can't see the hidden camera spying on me, here's a list of what i am currently doing:-

Listening to: Rainbow - Jay Chou
Drinking: Water
Thinking: about newsletter, somethings
Sucking: Sweets
Farting: Air (*i am sure u r laughing right now. yes? good. it's a joke)
Blowing: Nose (*flu now mar)
Seeking: For inspiration
Planning: to sleep
Chatting: with friends