Saturday, November 10, 2007

Truman Show

3 more assignments to go....FIGHTING

Sometimes, i feel like my life is like the The Truman Show (one of jim carey's movie). There are a few things that's i've been keeping to myself recently and never told anyone about it but somehow, someone manage to find out. It is like there's a hidden camera somewhere .... and my life is completely broadcasted to everyone i know.....WTH!

My family is acting weird recently.Maybe they are not, maybe it is just me...

If u can't see the hidden camera spying on me, here's a list of what i am currently doing:-

Listening to: Rainbow - Jay Chou
Drinking: Water
Thinking: about newsletter, somethings
Sucking: Sweets
Farting: Air (*i am sure u r laughing right now. yes? good. it's a joke)
Blowing: Nose (*flu now mar)
Seeking: For inspiration
Planning: to sleep
Chatting: with friends

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