Sunday, November 18, 2007

ending and beginning

a story ended and a new chapter begins.....

One of my best friend said I've changed and KL has changed me. I am not sure whether I was changed by KL or it is just me all along that has not change but the real me "came out". Life is just weird sometimes. You have no power to control it or what people thinks and say about you but you can choose the life you like to lead. Some thinks that i've become a "playgirl" of some sort.... but whoever that has been sourcing out the news has definitely owns a broken satellite. Flirting is not an act to be counted as a playgirl. It is just purely for the fun of it. If only you are here in this city where boredom is the only word you know everyday, you will know how i feel. My life in KL is not really that bad actually apart from the occasional boredom since i don't have a car to go out as much as i wanted to. I did enjoy myself most of the time here because of the people that i mix with are all nice and friendly. We are like a happy family that laughs and joke together and watch out for one another since most of us are far away from home. I enjoyed my life here because i can enjoy freedom that i am deprived of from back home. But sometimes i do miss home!

So, if I've changed... so what?

Everyone changes in different phases of his/her life. That's part of my metamorphosis journey and whatever that I've change into, deep down, i am still who i am. I am who i am.

Finally a chapter of my life has ended. Everything... from feelings to relationships to many other things. I've begin to see things and take certain things differently. I never take relationship seriously as i never wanted to get heartbreaks - so that part of me remains. Now is the beginning of a new chapter.... i treasure my family and close friends more and i told myself that i should and shall lead my life with happiness and contentment and never let the unhappiness takes my happiness away. I am loving every part of the stressful work from school because i know that's the path that i've chosen to ride and so be it. I shall fight for what i want and never give up although the road might be bumpy and there are hurdles along the way!

Never give up on what you believe in!

Aristotle said, "The roots of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!". The other 5 semester ahead will be much more worst than this semester, but i shall endure as i know my success and career is at the end of the tunnel....

As for now, i shall enjoy my 3 months holiday and continue fighting when the holiday ends...

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