Wednesday, November 28, 2007

car stolen? or stolen car?

No this is NOT A JOKE!

i just received a mail from my friend that thieves are now stealing malaysian made cars! WTH!!!! i thought laptops and computers are the most attractive items to those bastards... n now even MALAYSIAN made cars???
My friend's friend car was stolen while they are eating in a fast food restaurant in Penang few days ago. So, Penangites and all Malaysians, pls becareful if you are driving the "P" brand cars..... u know... Pero... and Pro...
I am still worried to hell that those bastards might break in the second time since that all of us are back at our hometown. i still have my hubby there... although i did bring back his heart with me, but, i don't want those bastards to steal his body away. Last saturday, my friend told me another case which was the same case as my house happen again last saturday at a different unit...WTH!! what is the police doing? are thjey doing anything to fight the crime?

... i am here (Penang), back home to forget and get away the fear of burglary, thievery and what ever crimes that deals with losing materials and possession.. basically i am really traumatized by what happen last week....and i still can't get over the fear of that burglary out of me.... and now the fear of losing my car (since he's a malaysian made)

seriously, i have no idea what has the world become~! crimes are everywhere.... n worst of all... it comes in the least expected way...
God, where is the peace? where is the love?

I am starting to work tomorrow. ... i still have yet to get my 12hours of continuous sleep yet. I wish i have more day for resting... and sleeping... and being a potato couch....but that's life... ironically... what you want is not what you get!

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