Monday, November 12, 2007


I just receive my 4th dinner invitation in 2 days. Why suddenly everyone is so generous towards me? why suddenly so many people decide to treat me good meal? i wonder (-.-)?

I wish i can go out and have fun and treat myself with good food but i do not have the time to do so. i barely have time to sleep, and if i were to agree to go out for dinner with my friends, ... i will probably present 2 black piece of mounting board to Mr Wong on monday! (tomorrow)

My newsletter is still.... in progress... i wasn't satisfied with my previous designs and hence i've been editing it non-stop, coming up with the 5th versions already. Call me crazy.. but that's me!

My handphone is going crazy already i think. It is gonna be 3years old in another 9 more days... hang on there pls... i don't have cash now to get a new replacement....

Oki... enough of crapping ... getting back to work...

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Andrew KH Tan at said...

Howdy from Simpson land, How bout lunch or dinner at New World Park my treat :) after that we can play online games at Netcity :)