Saturday, November 17, 2007



no words can describe my feeling now.... after nights after nights of drawing, and drawing and painting and colouring... finally... it is all over.......for this sem!

YES! Submitted my final assignment today! my drawing journal! u have no idea how much torture i went through for this assignment! only those in my class will know the workload and how we suffer! Marli, Thing THing n sherlyn will know.. right?

Few weeks ago, my lecturer told me that i am failing his drawing class! WOW! panic.. i don't wanna fail any of my subject because i don't wanna take more than 3 years to finish my degree... so..i decide to work on it..

Today, i hand in my journal. The book of HELL! after my lecturer look through my journal page by page till the end, he said "This is too good!"


eh? I am not expecting that comment from him nor did i see it coming... but at the end of the day... i am happy. The effort and hard work is finally repaid! well.. not exactly.. need to wait till the results come out.

now that my assignments are all done, suddenly, i have no idea what i want to do!

if i sleep now, i wouldnt be able to wake up .... if i don't sleep, i don't know what i should do after blogging. Furthermore i am too tired to clean up the room i think i'll go sleep for now~!



welovepenang said...

well done and good jobs... keep it up... sometime ppl need to get some pressure to get a better results.... sometimes.... i mean...

sometime treat it liek something u like when u work on it.. it will come out with a better results...

e-leen said...

thanks for the comment.

yea! it is something i like and therefore i put in some effort and work hard! :)