Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Her Shots

As promise from my previous post, these are the pictures from my photo session with Acero from Philippine who were here in Penang with her band. 

Photo 1: This is one of my favourite shot of the day

Photo 2: Love the guy's tattoo!!! 

Photo 3: I always love water splash

Photo 4: another splash?

Photo 5

Photo 6

For more pictures, visit my flickr page

(Photo taken by ShinYi)

and this is the picture taken together with her when I went to watch her band perform their last performance at Slippery Senoritas. The band was superbly AWESOME!! 


MKL said...

I love photos 3 and 4, she looks very hot. Wow. Congrats :) And it's funny to see how cute she looks like in the pic with you. I guess she can switch her face expressions easily. Great model and a great photographer :)

Demetrius said...

You really did a nice job with these photos...She's gorgeous and very fashionable.:)

Demon said...

nice shots!!

e-leen said...

Thanks everyone for liking the pictures :D

ChiaHoey said...

eh she's in braces...LOL