Monday, January 25, 2010

In Loving Memories : Aizati Aziz

I stared long and hard at my screen - my desktop.

I couldn't believe what I've just read. 

I re-read the whole twit message, again and again...

Then slowly it sunk in that my favourite, coolest, spunkiest, loving, caring, and humble lecturer have left us... forever....

The lady in the middle is our dear Ms Aizati Aziz. She's petite in size, but don't be fooled by that - she's BIG at heart, a rocker and she rides a Ducati. coolness right? She's the lecturer that love by most, hate by none in my class. 

It was sad enough (for me) when she message a few of us over facebook last week that she's no longer teaching us next semester and her last words  to us were "Rock the world with your talent". My friend and I were even planning to have a farewell dinner/party together for her before the next semester begins. But now, she's gone, forever, to return to her creator. How ironic life can be at times.

She had taught me so much and encourage me to be the person I want to be. She had dared me to dream and go to places I've never thought I could. She continue to give me hope and strength whenever I feel down with my work. She would spend her time to teach me the little things. She never stop injecting her creativity into all of us. She was never selfish in sharing. She was the most humble, kind and down to earth person I've ever met. 

I remember the day I attended a conference with her at KLCC, we talked over meals, shared so many small talks and opinions. I shared with her so many little dreams of mine where she encouraged me and turn those small dreams into bigger dreams - goals in life. She snapped a picture of me with her handphone and told me that she loves taking pics of her students so she could keep them for memories. All these memories seems like it was just yesterday....

I will always remember her for all the fun we had together at KL. The crazy things we did at National Art Gallery such as 

stepping on names....

posing playfully with the boys from the class

and cam whoring with the girls for 2 days....

Thank you Ms Aizati for all the "Eureka" thoughts that you've shared with us. Thank you for being our lecturer for the past 3 semester (how I wish you will be here with us till we graduate). Thank you for all the encouragement you gave us. Thank you for always being so nice and understanding. Thank you for the knowledge. Thank you for your wisdom and creativity. Thank you for taking us out on trips and make our learning experience worthwhile and filled with fun. Thank you for inspiring us in so many different ways. Thank you for being just more than a lecturer to us. 

Last but not least, thank you for all the memories. May you rest in peace Ms Aizati. You will forever be remembered and deeply miss by everyone from BACM5A 2009. (soon to be Class of July 2010) 

My deepest condolence goes to Mr Luqman and family. 


pop said...

*tick like

:: i r m a n :: said...


Stumbled into ur blog thru googling arwah's name :(

*arwah = muslim term for d deceased*

A very touching entry for arwah. She would be beaming with humbling joy to know such sentiment is strongly shared among those that were acquainted to her. She was a really close friend of mine when i was still lecturing in LUCT & even after i had left.

Glad to know her students hold her in such high regard.. which she much highly deserves :)

However, would like to share this bit of her burial ceremony for i think u as one of her beloved students should know. I attended arwah's burial ceremony at her home. Didnt get to see her face upon visiting fo i arrived during the d solat jenazah(prayers fo those who has passd). During this, d arwah's whole body is fully covered wrapped in a white cloth. No wrries, it was not meant to be for me to see my friends face for d last time.

However, by some odd chance when at the burial site, i was thrusted exactly infront of arwah's empty dugged up gravesite & managed to participate intimately in the burial process with Luqman (arwah's husband) n family. Upon burial, only the face must not be covered by the white cloth thus i saw arwah's face for the last time.

Please take comfort for she looked very calm, rested & much at peace.

The event was smoothsailing & was blessd with a sunny day without rain. The turn out at her ceremony & burial service was overwhelming. Everyone was present, chinese friends, indian friends, malay friends..everyone. A real testament to her character.

How she was with her students, is d same with how she was with her peers. Thus she was greatly loved and adored. Tho i was a colleague of hers, ive received plenty life advice's & pat on d backs during both high n lows.

May God rest her soul & place her among those in His grace n mercy.

Aizati (Ice-T), you will b greatly missed :(( tho u'll keep living in our hearts.

her friend ~

:: i r m a n :: said...

& thank you for ur entry :)

Obefiend Weiland said...

fitting tribute to one of the most awesome human being i ever met

what you wrote summed up miss aizati perfectly

always encouraging
never give up on us

in fact i never saw her getting angry.

rest in piece miss aizati. i am still mourning her loss.

e-leen said...

hi irman,

Thanks a lot for sharing with me. I am indeed grateful for i've really wanted to attend the ceremony and to pay my last respect to her but due to lack of information about the burial ceremony and some traveling problem, I was unable to do so.

Thank you again for stumbling upon my blog and drop me this comment. It really made my day :D

Alice in the wonderland said...

I heard this news from Shant and even though I didnt study with her and didnt even get a chance to know her... by all of you I know she's a great lecturer and great person. I understand how you feel now as I was in deep loss when Mr. Lawrence passed away...
May Ms. Aizati rest in peace and continue her dreams in heaven.
Hold back your tears and start pursuing your goals of life. She's now watching you, supporting and encouraging you through your heart and soul....

:: i r m a n :: said...

Hi e-leen.

It was my pleasure in describing arwah's ceremony. It's d least i could do for those who cared for her. Many cried.. many still. She is indeed deeply missed.

But no worries, we came from dirt & earth thus we will return to it in the end. Nonetheless, her soul is very much alive in our hearts. Lets honor her passing by practicing her advice & knowledge and cherish the memories we have with her by pushing ourselves forward for the better. I'm sure its what she would want :).

On her behalf i pray that u'll find much success, more importantly, happiness & contentment in ur endeavors :)

Cheers n tcare.