Friday, December 03, 2010

just when i am feeling fugly...

Walked around the mall together with 2 pretty colleagues (one of them is a celebrity). And since I was wearing a pair of flat-flats today with VERY casual clothing, I felt unattractive and un-sexy standing beside them both. Furthermore, my hair is in a mess - I left my hair styling cream in Penang so I have not been styling my hair for a week already. and being a cheapskate and being in a terrible financial constraint now, decided to not buy the cream and endure a few more days till I go back Penang.....

So while walking, I just made myself busy replying mails from my phone (a new phone which i have not blog yet) and suddenly one of my colleague turned to me and said,

M: That guy pusing 2 kali (that guy turn twice)
E: ahahha. to tengok you lah (checking you out) *still busy replying mail on the phone*
M: No-lah. He tengok you lar (No! He was looking at you)
E: Betulkah? (Really?)
M: Yalah (YES!)
E: mana satu? (which one?)
M: itu... (that ....) *fingers point to someone ... which I have no idea which guy..)
E: Handsomekah? (Is he handsome?)
E: aiyah.... tak nampak (wasted... I didn't get to see his face)

LMAO! Guys checking me out when I feel absolutely lousy and ugly? LOL

Sorry everyone for being away for a while...working life had kept me away from all my personal-work-time... :(

Let's hope the next blog won't be too far away from here.....


Demetrius said...

He was looking for a pretty girlfriend. Why didn't you give him a chance to flirt? LOL!!! :P

e-leen said...

demetrius: i'll give him a chance if he dares to walk up to me n say hi :P