Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where have I been?

I went missing. Yes. I went missing for a while didn't I? Very sorry to those of you who have miss me and my blogs.

So updates?

I am actually lost at words of what to blog about as there have been so many things happening lately. Everything is just happening so minute I was emo-ing right before Chinese New Year and the next, I am back in Cyberjaya after 3 months of holiday and currently on my 3rd week of the semester already. Sigh. Time flies. 

I am now on my last semester of my second degree which means it is now my 4th year staying in KL. It is really mysterious how fast time flies. Anyway, do expect more emo post from me in the next 3 months ok? I know I will be all stress up by next month and when it comes to May ... I guess I will be at the brink of dying from stress and pressure and endless sleepless nights because of my final project and not to mention the BIG occasion my family will be having this coming end of May! Will keep you posted by May :D

Lots of things to post and update you. First and foremost the most recent one, 


this is definitely not the piercing I plan to get (I have still yet to get the piercing i've always wanted yet). I got it 'cos it was a dare to a friend. hehe

hair is still almost the same style and length (maybe a little longer) ....

got a new natural double eyelid that makes my eyes looks retarded now :(

the eye on the right is the one with the new double eyelid. a new line appear on top of the older line (which vanished away) and now it makes my eye looks smaller on one side

tried baseball batting for the first time with my classmates at 1Utama

So yea.. basically that are the updates i have for now. 


ChiaHoey said...

Think of me when ur emo...U will feel better! XD
So dun be emo okie? =)

Demetrius said...

What kind of piercing do you really want? Hopefully not in your eyebrow or belly-button. You will be in pain for the rest of your life.:) Lol

e-leen said...

Chiahoey: thanks for the reminder :D i will definitely try that when i am emo :D

demetrius: y will belly pierce cause pain for the rest of my life? enlighten me :D

Demetrius said...

Are you planning on getting one? I was only joking about the pain for life. I know a few people with belly-rings. They usually complain about the risk of sleeping on their stomach at night or getting it caught on something. Also the chances of infection are much higher in that sensitive area of the body. Maybe you won't have to deal with that problem if you get one. ENJOY! :)