Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling Lucky

I felt so lucky as if I've just strike a lottery!

Last Friday I was late for my 11am entrepreneurshit (oops! its entrepreneurship) class. But despite that when I reach the campus it is already 11.15am, I did not care and decide to screw the class and went to cash out money from the ATM instead to pay my monthly utility bills.

My uni now have 2 units of ATM machine compare to the time when I first came to the uni, there's only one miserable machine cater to thousands of students. So imagine the queue everyday.... But that morning, there wasn't much difference as one machine was not functioning well cos there's a window error message appearing on the screen. So everyone was queuing up at one machine while leave the error-message machine unattended. Then one girl decide to go there to try her luck and when I saw her successfully manage to cash out money, I switched lane and went to the error-message machine.

And guess what, the money that came out from the machine is actually worth more than the amount I cash out from the account!!!


Well you see, the RM50 notes that came out from the machine is actually the limited edition notes which value more than RM50. I check online and some websites are even auctioning it out at RM100 and RM200 for each note and some blog say it is value at RM75 each if you bring it back to the bank to change.

Spot the difference?

There's a 50 years Independence Day logo at the top right corner. Rm50 bank note with this logo is supposed to worth more than its value stated as there's only a few thousands copies printed. It has now become a collectors' item.

Ain't I lucky? I really feel I've just strike a consolation prize lottery :D So next time when you cash out money, do check it before you spend, you might never know when is your lucky day :D


Odie Samuel said...

hahahaha, i dont know that there is a limited edition 50rm notes

e-leen said...

odie: now u know :D its from the new atm machine at school :D