Tuesday, June 05, 2007


what should i blog today? i have alot of things to talk and blog.. but i don't know where i should start...

today, an american man, around his mid 30s (i think so) asked me out for supper or lunch and i (like always)....i rejected. Rejecting has become my habit lately i guess. i keep on rejecting people. First the job that i was offered and now a free supper. He's not that ugly looking (my colleague said that he's good looking) but then... well, man at his age "have expectations"! Mummy said that i shouldn't go out with strangers. ahahhaha c i am such a good gal! i listen and obey her order! i think he's rich lar. he said macbook pro 17" price is affordable! Ahhh... who cares he's rich or not... i am not interested and it is non on my business.

another thing happen today while i was at work today. Saw the pics of the new wacom guy they hired for demo on weekends doing his demo-ing. I didn't know it was my cousin bro until my colleague showed me a close up pic of him. i am 99% sure he's my cousin bro but 1% in me tells me he's not. if he is my cousin, i didn't know he can draw so well and now he's working part time in the same company i am working at. How small can the world gets?

the crumpler bag is still around. no one bought it yet! taking my baby for a "clothes testing" tomorrow. wanna test whether my baby fits into that "6 million dollar" (the crumpler model name) anot.

oki, that's for now. i am going to bed. working 10hrs tomorrow.

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