Sunday, June 10, 2007

my first entry was published

... in DCM

got my DCM today. I grabbed 3 copies (for my Indonesian friends) of it from at Queensbay. I checked out the hotshots section first, and i didn't see my picture there. So i was sad.. but not really disappointed because i know my standard is not there yet. there's much more out there for me to improve and afterall, i am still a beginner and i don't have the equipments that most photographers have out there. For example, fill in flash. So i didnt feel really that bad...

then at home... while i was having my late supper, i was almost chocked to death when i turn the pages and i reached a new section of the magazine and i saw my picture there!
THEY PUBLISHED IT! my picture is in DCM! my favourite magazine at the moment!
no i did not win any prize. i just got a few comment and critiques from the professionals. It is good that i get comments because i know i can always improve from there. some of their comments are exactly what i think, but i disagree with one of their comment where they suggest me that i should take the picture from another angle. if i were to take my picture from another angle, the picture would have been very different and i wouldn't be able to achieve what my pictures is meant to do.

Marli, if you are reading this...i would like you to know that thanks alot for your help. That picture wouldn't have been taken without your assist in pouring the water. Since i did not win any prize, i can't treat you d! sad huh?

i am goin to try out their mission for this month which is about water. if you want to see my pictures, grab a copy of Digital Camera Magazine today. it is only RM8.

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