Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Malaysian Coke Side of Life

Finally I finish my web design 2 final assignment!! That means I am done with Year 2!!! 


Time really flies. It was as if it was just yesterday that I first step into this university and in just a blink of an eye, I finish my 2nd year of my bachelor programme. :D 

Let's pray I don't fail any of my subject this semester and that means I still have 1 more year to go before I graduate for the second time!

Anyway, here are the print screen of my website. I am not really happy with the whole design but then again, with the time given and the limited ActionScript knowledge, I am just happy that it is done now. The requirements for this assignment is to create a website for a product that incorporates batik designs into it. So I've decide to create a Malaysian coke side of story with some international and a touch of local content and influence. Feedback appreciated. 

This is the main page 

The Malaysian coke design page where it showcase the limited edition design bottles with batik design on it.

This is an upclose of one of the 3 designs I've created. Check out my DeviantArt for more. 

The music page. Very last minute content idea....maybe i should have change it to some local singers... ahahhaa

This is the football page where it has links to the clubs in the Coca-cola Championship UK. 

This is the sequence of the animation for the preloader for the site which i forgot to present to my lecturers during my presentation last Thursday. :(

p/s: the red in the pictures above are a little out of Coke's red because of the image quality I save in. 

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goodjob !