Monday, March 03, 2008


YES! Finally my good old desktop has been upgraded!

22" LCD monitor *just arrive today!*

320GB WD Hard disk
*got it last friday*

*i know this is still very little, but because this machine is a 3 years old machine, i can't afford to upgrade more. DDR are extremely expensive. btw, i should thank Shen-U for giving me his kingston RAM. THANKS alot!!!!!

Now that i've finally have a 22" LCD, my table is now more spacious! no longer need to put my keyboard aside when i wanna do some traditional drawing (pencil and paper sketching), wacom is nicely in front of me, hand are in proper place (comfortable) and best of all, i get a good resolution for me to do digital art and watching MOVIE!


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gousman said...

I congratulate! I too for a long time dream of it! I envy you!