Sunday, March 23, 2008


some of you who are close to me would know that i am practically addicted to Wrigley's Eclipse.

NO idea what it is? take a look at the picture below

this is my favourite flavour at the moment

i started to like this sweet since my housemate introduce it to me. It wasn't love at first taste. I got addicted to it after i had sore throat and cough and i start consuming it for throat relief purpose. Trust me.. it helps. Since then, I make sure that i have a box of it in my bag.

but Why am i blogging about it? ???

I just watch Secret, the movie directed and acted by my idol Jay Chou. Got the original DVD from my friend Aaron and it took me 1 month after my unforgetable Jay concert to watch the movie. When i watch the making (which is an extra feature in the dvd), jay was trying to do some magic with a box of Eclipse.

Jay is trying to do some magic

Ohhhh! he eats Wrigley's Eclipse too?? and they have Cinnamon flavor??

i went online to search for it and this is what i found! they have Orange and cinnamon!

Why Malaysia tak ada want??? sob sob! i want!

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