Friday, February 22, 2008

the dog and her

She thought she found the perfect dog as her pet. The dog that could accompany her through walks around the park, the dog that she could cuddle to bed to sleep every night, the dog that understands all her needs, the dog that fetches the morning papers - where they would have a good time sharing the latest gossip, news, technology and interest, the dog that will be loyal to her, the dog that love her as much as she love him, the dog that wouldn't judge her, the dog that have seen the ugly side of her and still likes her, the dog that makes her heart fill with joy, the dog that could flirt with her, the dog that makes her feel secure and the dog that is always there for her.

But, does the dog have the same loyalty and love towards his new found owner? What was the dog's intention? Was he here just to get a temporary shelter? Was he here just for the food that the owner can provide?

When she was about to take the dog seriously as her companion, he bit her and ran away. Bitterly wounded, she tried so hard to hate him, forget him and not miss him. But was it easy for her?


People told her she don't deserve a dog that is disobedient and betrayed her care and love.

...but will she ever gets to find a perfect dog? i wonder....

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Sylvia said...

Good words.