Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Photo shoot 01

Q: What is the photo shoot session for?

A: For illustration class

Q: Illustration? But why do you need photo shoot session? Isn't that for photography class?

A: The lecturer wants us to draw a full figure drawing

Q: Yea... but why do you need to take pictures?

A: Because we are not allow to use pictures from internet. Supposed to use own original pictures....

So that's the problem with the school for this semester. Every assignment we need to take our own pictures. NO internet download!


So i have to be my friends' model .... and since my Baby is not here with me, my friends have to help me to take some pictures for my assignment.... so here goes....

i'll just upload two pics lar... the internet is killing me... SUPER SLOW~!~! afterall.. this is a blog.. shouldn't spam so many pics here.... :P

Photograph by Sherlyn

Photograph by Marli

Sorry gals if the pics are not so good... my first time...*blush*

ps: a few more can be found on my facebook (check out the link at the sidebar)

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