Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just me about Malaysian Dream Girl

Have been wanting to blog about MDG for a very long time but i never did. So today, finally I did. So here goes....

There's only 6 girls left in the competition. They are

1. Adeline
Nice pose but she need to work on her facial expression

like her pose here. she looks like she's flying + dancing.
My comment:
Adeline has the height. From the show, I can see that she doesn't gossip much about other girls in the house but still she's doing great unlike Eyna who doesn't talk much and does not have enough votes to allow her to stay. Wish Eyna is still here....

2. Cindy
looks like aunty cindy

don't really like this picture... expressionless
My comment:
Cindy is too bit*chy for me. She doesn't appear like a girl that I would regard as a Dreamgirl. She's too ah lian and I don't think that she's capable of being a top model because of her attitude and her normal look. Probably she'll do great in some soft porn DVD interface. (sorry, i know i am harsh here). But is this a dreamgirl competition... she might be in the top 3 if her family and guys continue to vote for her. I don't think she can win votes from girls... just my thinking...
What's with this make up girl? Makes her look so UGLY FUGLY OLD!

3. Hanis

I like this picture. I think this picture is the best among all.

My comment:
Hanis... the sweet girl next door? I DON'T THINK SO!!!! She looks like an innocent girl with that fresh and naive look... but from my opinion, I think she's the smart one at trying to mastermind and make people vote for her. She's complaining so much about everyone and she's swearing so much in front of the camera (epi 13 when she was disqualified)! Innocent?? -.-"" I know when you are angry, words come out from your mouth... but hello... she knows the camera is rolling....and furthermore, i notice that when Cindy was in the bottom 3, she gossip about her kau kau and when Nadia is at the bottom three, she switches her target and then start gossiping about how competitive Nadia is and how Nadia is spreading the negative vibe to others. Probably she's trying to win some votes from Cindy and Nadia's fan. :P Smart? Well.. this is a reality show... everyone has their own way of doing things... i just don't like her gossiping so much about others.... totally not DREAMGIRL-lah.

On Hanis, in Bahasa Malaysia : "Air yang tenang jangan sangka tidak ada buaya"

Furthermore, her pictures are BORING! High fashion + international standard?? NOOOOO!! She's good for KIKI LALA ads.

Datin Kiki Lala

Like i said earlier on Cindy, she might not be a model material but has the potential to win and be in the top 3 because a lot of people is voting for her. So i am not surprise if she's in the top 3. This is a Dreamgirl competition it is based on votes. Her family will definitely continue to vote for her... no doubt.

4. Jay
Love the gown! love her pictures

WORST picture of the week! What happen Jay?

My comment:
Jay is probably the most qualified among all the girls for modeling. She won Project Runway (which I think is because she's lucky since she was paired with the winning designer). Her height and her body is just perfect. Potential! Vote!

5. Nadia
nice body

normal picture and i don't like her mouth here. I know it's hard to control the expression and jump at the same time!

My comment:
Nadia is HOT! but it will be hotter if she got the height. She's probably lacking in that and everyone is complaining about her looking fierce. Well.. that's her face, her normal facial expression... she can't be un-fierce for 24hrs can she? I know how she feel cos i have people complaining about me looking fierce while i was just being normal.. so i know how Nadia feels and i am sure she's struggling to get rid of it. We are born with the fierce face.. and that doesn't mean we don't smile and laugh and that we aren't the nicest people. Furthermore, being competitive is good. I don't see the negative thingy about spreading the confident vibe to other girls. This is a competition and being competitive will give the competition and extra kick and every girl will try to outperform others and this is good for us as viewers. Like a football match, an equal attacking and defending skills from both team makes the whole game a good game. So, i would love Nadia to continue to spread the competitiveness vibe and make everyone step up a notch and give us the very best the first MDG can give to us viewers. Vote for NADIA!

6. Ringo

a very normal picture. not much to woo-haa about

she looks like an angel or a fairy here! remind me on timberlina! Nice~

My comment:
the cheese? I used to be one of the anti-ringo girl. I never like her cheeseland blog, never like her Women'Secret photo and thinks that she's two face. But after watching 14 episodes, I think I've decided to change my mind. She apologize to everyone about her entry (well at least she's sincere enough to own up her own mistake) and to avoid the bitching scenario happening in the house, she's finding her solace in reading books which i think is a very good example. She doesn't have the height, but i think it is good that we are seeing a girl as petite as her is given a chance to prove herself. She might not have the model height, but i can see that she's not making that as an excuse for not performing well. She's confident and know what she wants. If Nadia or Jay do not win this contest, I hope Ringo wins it!

the show...

the show is getting more and more credibility and giving the girls a chance to catwalk in MIFA is definitely something. I am sure no one expect this to happen.. even the girls said so. I am sure it is once in a lifetime opportunity that all the girls will remember - even for Ringo although she never get a chance to prove herself! The editing is getting better but still there's still lots of room for improvement!

the host...

Sazzy Falak... not really into her and her modelling nor her body nor her hosting... Sazzy is too repetitive on her words such as :

"I am loving it"

"I am loving it"

"I am loving it"

OMG! Hello Sazzy... stop advertising for McDonalds!

"McDonalds is also one of MDG's sponsor. I'm lovin' it", Sazzy said.

Then her comments are so contradicting. She first commented on Ringo on her first photoshoot,

"Your picture is very nice. very sexy. Which surprise me" (episode 5)


"When I look through all your pictures you've done for the past few weeks, none of them shone" (episode 11)

SWEAT! Kenny Sia say "eat grass", i say "makan McD"

No animal was killed when i am writing this blog. Do apologize if i've offended anyone from this post. It is just me and my thoughts....


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