Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting a new love

YES! i am getting a new love! a new lover!

Eileen is planning to go to Penang for a few day on Tuesday evening and that means that she's skipping class on Wednesday~

currently I am having a slight fever and even when i don't have the appetite, i force myself to eat as much as i could because i do not want to fall sick. The chicken pox virus has been going on around here (the place i am currently at) lately. Since i am still a chicken pox virgin, i am extremely scared that i will loose my pox virginity. I know how much i will suffer and worst of all i am entering my most crucial weeks of the semester! The workload is extremely crazy and like many other post from last semester around this time of the sem, I can't afford to get sick! I have a lot of crazy ideas floating around my brain for my assignment this semester and hopefully they are all executed just like what i have in mind but if i were to get the pox sickness....................i am sure the lecturer will get a piece of sheet from me by the end of the semester ...hopefully not....

n YES~ i am getting a NEW lover when i am back in Penang! YES~ A new lover~ i'll update u soon! so stay tune!

I AM SO EXCITED!~!~!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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