Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Gosh i wish i can just continue to sleep... i had a very nice dream just now when i was taking my 1hr nap.......

There's this nice sweet guy in my dream and both of us are so in love but.. we aren't a couple (ironically!). He did so many nice things for me...i cant remember what he did after i woke up... but i do remember i woke up with a smile on my face .


eh this is really just my dream.... u know.. its realliydream that happens when i am sleeping..... not the day dreaming kinda thing.....

i've been having dreams about this particular guy a few times... but never get to c his face...... who is he???


Wish i can continue to sleep... but i can't.... since i have like tons of million of work to do.... -.-"""

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Huey said...

That would be because you need someone by your side now, I would say. :D