Friday, April 11, 2008

Discovery and discoveries

First Discovery

I was down with flu last night... after 6 days and 5 nights of endless work on my assignments.. finally i broke halfway down last night...

i got myself infected wit flu and sore throat... while i was taking my dinner halfway. Suddenly the flu and sore throat just come. it is like the virus just flew right through my nose into my body while i was eating....or was the virus was in the food and i just swallow it together with the nasi goreng daging ...

Ironically.... i've been taking lots of apple lately and i still fall sick... guess the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctors away" is just a myth?

Second discovery

Ice-cream helps to cure sore throats.

I just had the urge to eat a stick of ice-cream right after dinner although the weather was so cooling. So i bought myself a stick of Solero and ate it while i walk back to my apartment under the rain with my other hand holding an umbrella.

after 2 - 3 hrs.... the sore throat is GONE! WOW! scream with joy!

Third Discovery

found this DA page while i was surfing DA and his photos are AMAZING!! u just have to take a look!


and i went to sam lim's favourite gallery and i found this

he added my Italian Delight and it is just right beside 1958 Gibson Les Paul by under18carbon who happens to be my classmate is uni......

oki i know this is lame.. but well.. i just feel like adding it to my post here. :D

Note: I am going back to Penang tomorrow for a few days... so i might be missing in action for a few days.. or i might be able to blog from Penang.. i don't know... depends...


Huey said...

I've got this virus for almost a week. Yeah down for a week, imagine. @.@

e-leen said...

hie chunm huey! sorry late reply..

how r u now? better?