Sunday, April 27, 2008

Children of Huang Shi

I am still excited ..................

Have you watch The Children of Huang Shi?

the movie is SUPERB~ not extremely superb or the movie of the year kind of thing... but the whole story itself is very nice, the mise-en-scene (staging, costume and make up, prop, lighting and the movement and lighting) especially was great. (i study cinema language... so pardon me. my lecturer must be so proud that i am even using the terms in my blog :P). The funny part about the movie is when George Hogg (Jonathan Meyers) speak mandarin. Not that I speak good mandarin myself, but i guess there are words that i do understand and it makes the whole movie real fun to watch. I had a good laugh at his slang and i know... i sound just like him when i speak mandarin. LOL! =D Furthermore, it is based on a true story of George Hogg and this makes it all even better. When i was watching the first part of the movie, when George Hogg witness how the Japanese was killing innocent chinese children, I was shocked just like George Hogg. He was trembling while he took pictures of it. And suddenly i ask myself, "Why didn't we, Chinese hate Japanese for what they did to our children?".

Ironically, many Chinese friends I know love Japanese stuff so much that they draw like anime and falls deeply in love with Japanese culture. Some even try to speak Japanese to Malaysians who don't understand Japanese and assume everyone in Malaysia actually knows it (do they think they are smarter?) . One of my classmates claim that he's such a pro-Japan that he watch every anime that are release and he's so proud about it ... It makes me wonder....they claim they know everything about Japan and their culture, do they know about that piece of history where they, the Japanese cruelly killed innocent children during those war times?

okie... let me stop ranting about the anime fan and japanese pro stuff... i can continue to rant and rant about it like there's no tomorrow or like there's no deadlines for my assignment... so .. i guess i better get back to reality and continue with my initial intention in mind about my blog for today... which is to talk about my drawing on Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Please drop by at my DeviantArt gallery [here] if you wish to see a larger version.

Drew that last night while i was watching Birmingham vs Liverpool match. I took less than an hour. I was so in love with that movie that i couldn't help myself to take some time away from my assignments to spend on drawing this handsome face. This piece of drawing is going to be on the wall beside my bed and i will look at it while i fall asleep every night!

So now that I am done showing you my own personal artwork for this week, I will continue with my work and hopefully i can retire to bed early today so that i can stare at my wall and fall asleep and wake up with a nice dream.......

PS: i am still excited! My soon to be new love!

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