Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

.... to me

it is 19th August

So how was my day so far?

Mix of emotions i would say.

I am very (extremely) happy when i have so many friends who takes the extra effort to call me when the clock struck 12am, send me sms/mms, message me over msn, left messages on my FB walls and friendster. I am seriously grateful for all the messages, greetings and wishes. Thank You!

Everyone was asking me how am I going to celebrate my birthday. I just don't feel like celebrating it at all because i have assignment to complete tonight and furthermore i am worried about my grandmother back home. She has not been feeling well lately and when i talked to her over the phone, she told me to study hard and that is when I couldn't help it anymore but shed a few tears and hope that she didn't hear my soft quivering voice over the phone just now. i just couldn't control my emotions and I become so worried about her........

If God is giving me a birthday wish today, my only wish is "please let my grandmother get well soon and stay healthy".


Huey said...

Happy Boof-day! :D

Dann said...


lollipop said...

wish ur 'wish' come true...


e-leen said...

huey: thanks thanks

dann: thanks again. this is the 6th time u wish me i think....

lollipop: thank you!!! n thanks for the present. i like it.