Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PhotoHunt : Clouds

I am LATE again this week!

This is because I was without internet connection for 1 week due to transferring the phone and internet line over to my current new house that i am renting.

Now that it is fix, here is my picture for this week's photohunt. 

Picture of the week

I just love the clouds 

This picture was taken at Langkawi 3 weeks ago when i was at Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach). I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the clouds when i was there and since i bought a polarizer specially for that Langkawi trip, there is no reason why i shouldn't be taking pictures of clouds right? 

I love gazing and admire clouds whether it is sunset or sunrise or in the middle of the day. I just love looking at them and slowly as i look at it longer, the clouds will form an image of something. That's the beauty of clouds and why i love to spend my time gazing blankly into the sky.

Want more pictures of my clouds, scroll down....






Dann said...

Drop by to say... those pictures are really awesome!!!

GiN said...

nice pictures eileen!u're such a professional!When are you going to take of people like me..

e-leen said...

dann: thanks. u drop by so early in the morning!!! OMG i was still sleeping like a pig!

gin: thanks. i am still beginner lar. hehehe alot more to learn. anytime also can when i am back in Penang. ahahah